More Landlords Than Ever Buying Homes with Cash as Rents Across UK Rise

15 March, 20170 Comments
Landlords buying new houses and flats with cash has hit a record level in the UK, with 61% of such purchases made in January, new figures reveal. The cash splurge, up from 59% the previous January and 41% in 2007, comes as rents around the UK are on the rise practically everywhere, except London. The
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House of horrors: Stomach-churning images of home where tenant used his bath as a TOILET

04 October, 20161 Comments
Toilet overflowing with waste in the home of David Fyles in W. Lancashire The 49-year-old tenant was evicted after a court shown the images Described by court officer as ‘worst living conditions’ seen in 30 years At Liverpool County Court, police said they visited property many times Click here to view the revolting pictures of this
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Activists call for a ban on Section 21’s …

11 April, 20140 Comments
Yesterday housing activists occupied the Department of Communities and Local Government in protest at evictions and insecurity of tenure. The protest followed reports of a workshop held by DCLG about ways of making it easier for landlords to evict their tenants, where campaigners bedded down in sleeping bags in the department’s lobby to “highlight how
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Have Private Landlords Reacted to the Bedroom Tax?

25 November, 20130 Comments
The explosion of the demand for rental properties is largely because it has become so difficult to purchase property. ‘Generation rent’ are the people who, perhaps five years ago, might have got a mortgage without a large deposit, but who are now unable to save for the large deposit needed for home ownership, whilst renting, 
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Student Tenants Much Less Likely to be Evicted for Rent Arrears

27 August, 20130 Comments
Everyone knows that students have it tough when it comes to budgeting their finances. With tuition fees, which are now around £9000 per year, and often the range of student loans and grants available do not meet the student living costs, in areas with high student populations, part-time jobs can be hard to come by
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Why do Landlord Referencing ask certain questions?

15 January, 20130 Comments
Landlord Referencing Services would like to address the reasons behind the questions that we ask of landlords and letting agents upon registration of our service. What with the recent (unprecedented) influx of landlords and letting agents joining our unique landlord networking system right across the UK, following the introduction of the Universal Credit pilots and
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landlordreferencing.co.uk pledge to protect the rights of private landlords

14 January, 20131 Comments
Labour leader MP Ed Miliband has promised to protect the rights of private renters, as part of his party’s ‘One Nation’ philosophy. Mr Miliband highlighted the potentially divisive rift between private renters and home owners in a speech to the Fabian Society. As well as attempting to provide more security for renters via introducing more
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