The private rental market could change everything in Scotland

03 January, 20170 Comments
The Scottish housing market could be defined by investors purchasing land in order to build apartments for the rental market. These kinds of developments are likely to become as common as student accommodation and even though these kinds of developments are mainly seen in London, it is likely that investors are going to look to
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Brexit is Providing Opportunities for First Time Buyers

15 September, 20160 Comments
Two months since the UK voted to leave the EU, we’ve sat down with our Managing Director, Mark Hobbs, to discuss the changes we have seen in this short period, and what it means for the average Brit. Buying a House Post-Brexit Mark believes that the financial measures The Bank of England, Government and UK
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60% of Property Professionals Believe We Should Stay In the EU

23 June, 20160 Comments have conducted some research on how landlords and property professionals are feeling about today’s EU referendum. They found that the majority of property professionals believe that Britain should remain in the EU. Landlords, letting agents, mortgage brokers, property experts and landlord insurance specialists all took part in the Landlord News poll at this week’s Landlord
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Inadequate Carbon Monoxide alarms putting 30 million tenants at risk

20 June, 20160 Comments
A new report has revealed that many carbon monoxide (CO) alarms are not fit for purpose. A new report, co-funded by the European Union and the Product Safety Forum of Europe (PROSAFE), has revealed that more than half (52%) of the carbon monoxide alarms tested across seven EU member states posed a ‘high’ or ‘serious
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Expat homeowners could suffer if Britain leave the EU

03 May, 20160 Comments
For British property buyers, Spain was the number one destination in 2015 but with the possible Brexit on the horizon this could all change. In recent years, Spain has remained the top Mediterranean destination for those British buyers looking to purchase abroad. During 2015, the number of property sales in Spain increased by 90%. This
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Referencing for tenants who’ve just arrived from another EU country – Do they qualify for RGI?

20 April, 20162 Comments
Dear Samii Please can you let me know whether you are able to carry out referencing for tenants who have just arrived from another country in the EU? Also, are they able to qualify for RGI? Samii says The problem we face is that a credit check is a required element of eligibility for RGI.
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Tax avoidance? – David Cameron; Change the record!

11 April, 20160 Comments
This weekend just gone, thousands of protesters have called for David Cameron’s resignation over the Panama Papers revelation.  Last week’s media shambles saw David Cameron being forced to admit that he did indeed benefit from an investment in an offshore trust based in a tax haven. It was also discovered that in 2013 Cameron personally intervened to oppose the beneficiaries of
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How can landlords be blamed for consecutive government legislation?

31 March, 20163 Comments
Another day, another landlord bashing article courtesy of The Independent: Forgive me if I have little sympathy for the plight of buy-to-let landlords like the one who’s kicking me out. But how can landlords be blamed for consecutive government legislation? ? ? Landlords did not push up the price of London rentals.  Government allowed circa 80% of London to
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Ministers consider halting benefits for young workers to keep migrant pledge

11 August, 20150 Comments
It has emerged that ministers are now considering plans to stop young Britons from claiming in-work benefits because it the Tory manifesto pledge to apply the restrictions solely to EU migrants would be ‘prohibited under current EU law’ according to the BBC.  The rule which intended to stop EU migrants claiming benefits within the first
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