7 Steps To Make Your House Eco-Friendly On A Budget

17 March, 20170 Comments
In today’s modern society, we all know the importance of protecting the environment and the impact pollution (noise, air, light) has on our lives. However, many of us feel that we do not have the time nor the budget to make changes towards environmental sustainability. This is why Vivo Property Buyers has outlined 7 Steps
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Landlords can now generate money from generating renewable energy

10 April, 20140 Comments
A government-backed scheme, that was originally expected to launch in Autumn 2012, that will pay social and private landlords for the green heat generated from their homes has finally been launched this week. This offer is also open to homeowners and self-builders, where the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive offers payments to offset the cost of
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Oldham Council proposes Selective Licensing scheme

24 March, 20140 Comments
Another local authority is proposing a consultation to find out if it needs to bring in a Selective Licensing scheme for private renting landlords. If the plan is approved by Oldham Council’s cabinet the formal consultation would involve residents, private landlords, businesses and other stakeholders in 16 areas across the borough. Selective Licensing schemes aim
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£230k Landlords watch out …

18 March, 20140 Comments
Following on from a recent post : “Here we go again – nothing about bad tenants…” sent in via an LRS landlord in Barnsley they have followed it up with the letter below. Are you a good landlord who operates within these areas of Barnsley? Have you ever had a bad tenant? Are you happy
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“Here we go again – nothing about bad tenants…”

17 February, 20140 Comments
( Please click on the newspaper cutting below to enlarge ) Thank you to an LRS landlord member who emailed us this cutting from their local newspaper. Are you a good landlord who operates within these areas of Barnsley? Have you ever had a bad tenant? Are you happy with the way that you are
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Politics VS Environment | The bigger picture on Fracking …

13 January, 20140 Comments
As David Cameron promises local authorities all of the business rates collected from shale gas schemes, via the controversial method of “fracking”, Landlord Referencing wants to know if the gas runs out how do we create more gas? With a population of around 61 million the number of households in the UK is approximately 26
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Free deterrent to troublesome households within the PRS

23 January, 20130 Comments
A government report has found that councils are wasting billions of pounds, by not intervening with anti-social families more effectively. Local Government Secretary Eric Pickles has published new findings showing the huge savings that can be made for the taxpayer from turning around troubled families, by intervening more effectively in problem households. The Department for
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Tougher action to tackle troubled families.

11 June, 20126 Comments
Over the weekend Eric Pickles, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, has called for tougher action on troubled families – aiming to ‘turn around’ 120,000 troubled families nationally by the end of this Parliament, cut crime & unemployment significantly and also cut the cost to tax payers. The Communities Secretary said: ‘Sometimes when
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