Opportunity for landlords to increase social housing stock via free property portal

22 June, 20170 Comments
In the current climate many landlords are reluctant to house benefit tenants due to the increasing minority of those tenants unable to pay their rent on time, coupled with uncertainty around the governments’ welfare reform via Universal Credit – leaving good benefit tenants finding it extremely difficult to find accommodation in the private rented sector. LANDLORDS / HOUSING PROVIDERS: Would
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An Innovative Rent Payment Solution for Financially Excluded Tenants

23 February, 20160 Comments
I recently read in HMO Landlady’s book about how she has to knock on nearly all her tenant’s doors every week for their rent money – she wrote this in 2012, not 1912! No doubt Serena wishes she could simply have the rent appear in her account (in common with most other landlords) and no doubt her tenants wish for a more convenient means of paying their rent than having their landlord knocking on their door every Saturday morning when they’d rather relax or lie in after a hard week working and dealing with the stress of their complicated
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Accurate tenant referencing and landlord communication is the way forward

03 February, 20140 Comments
With the impending welfare reform via Universal Credit, legislation to tackle illegal immigration, more landlord Licensing schemes being implemented and stories such as Landlord Fergus Wilson’s recently hitting the headlines; landlords and letting agents need to realise the severe implications if they continue to go about their business without the means of accurate and thorough
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Landlords must reference to avoid these new potential threats

09 August, 20131 Comments
Following a recent article by Samii and the team at ‘LandlordReferencing.co.uk’ (http://www.landlordreferencing.co.uk/discuss/community-forum/can-you-afford-to-take-these-tenants/) regarding changes to housing regulations for social housing in North Somerset, (including our beloved Weston-Super-Mare) we decided it was the perfect excuse to jump to our keyboard and blog. We do love to harp on about the local lettings market from the perspective of a lettings agent, so
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Letting a property with a residential mortgage

15 June, 20133 Comments
A Bolton police chief made the news at the beginning of this month when he was convicted of mortgage and insurance fraud amounting to £46,000. According to the Daily Mail, the 53-year-old had a four-property buy to let portfolio and was attempting to buy a fifth; however, he had obtained at least two of these
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Why do Landlord Referencing ask certain questions?

15 January, 20130 Comments
Landlord Referencing Services would like to address the reasons behind the questions that we ask of landlords and letting agents upon registration of our service. What with the recent (unprecedented) influx of landlords and letting agents joining our unique landlord networking system right across the UK, following the introduction of the Universal Credit pilots and
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landlordreferencing.co.uk pledge to protect the rights of private landlords

14 January, 20131 Comments
Labour leader MP Ed Miliband has promised to protect the rights of private renters, as part of his party’s ‘One Nation’ philosophy. Mr Miliband highlighted the potentially divisive rift between private renters and home owners in a speech to the Fabian Society. As well as attempting to provide more security for renters via introducing more
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New Tenants Support Area at Landlord Referencing Services

21 December, 20121 Comments
Landlord Referencing Services is happy to announce that we now have a specific area for tenants to access income protection insurance and tenant content insurance services. Click for the new Tenants Support Area. Not only can tenants access these important services, they can also : Build a tenant history file (free) and Interact with our
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