Housing and Planning Act – What happens next? …

02 June, 20160 Comments
The Government’s Housing and Planning Bill finally received Royal Assent last month after a prolonged period of Parliamentary ping pong. So what happens next? The Act applies to landlords in England. The sections affecting private renting survived largely unchanged, with the addition of two enabling amendments that will allow the introduction of electrical safety standards and checks,
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How do you ensure your database is as comprehensive as possible?

16 May, 20160 Comments
Dear Samii This is great oriented at Landlords and letting agencies as Experience and like does not really apply to tenants reference. What procedure do you have in place to ensure your database is as comprehensive as possible? How do you encourage all agencies and landlords to report to you how their current or past
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Ashfield’s most unscrupulous landlords have been named and shamed!

30 July, 20150 Comments
A legal case between Environment Health News (EHN) and the Ministry of Justice and Information Commissioner has allowed a database containing the names of hundreds of convicted landlords across the UK to become public. The database shows over 2,006 individuals and companies across the UK that were fined nearly £3million between 2006 and 2014 for
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Due Diligence for Live in Landlords, including the Immigration Bill.

18 April, 20140 Comments
The biggest worry facing a live in landlord is the kind of person their lodger might be (aside from whether they’re simply compatible) – are they a criminal, likely to be violent or damage your home?  Will they pay the rent on time?  Will they respect you and your home? It’s a staggering fact that
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North Somerset Survey of private landlords, tenants and letting agents

12 April, 20140 Comments
Many thanks to a long-standing LRS Member for sending over a link to this survey. North Somerset Council want to hear the truth straight from private renting landlords, tenants and letting agents in the area. Will you be pulling out of the Housing Benefit market? How are additional licensing schemes affecting landlords and tenants in
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Social Referencing protects victims of anti-social behaviour

20 November, 20130 Comments
The Chartered Institute of Housing have recently warned that proposed amendments to The Anti-social Behaviour Crime & Policing Bill could have catastrophic results for the victims – however Landlord Referencing Services can counteract this through the power of social referencing. The year ending December 2012 saw over 2.3 million incidents of anti-social behaviour recorded by
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Homeless charity to trade tenants personal data [UPDATE]

13 November, 20130 Comments
By year end Experian plan to include 600,000 rental records, via social housing providers who’s tenants have paid late, that lenders will have access to from next year. Landlord Referencing Services has been including late rent payments, as well as any property damages incurred throughout each tenancy, via our unique Lifestyle Referencing Reports for nearly
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