Private landlord licence refused because of criminal record.

29 July, 20150 Comments
A report on the Falkirk Herald has told how a local businessman Ryan Maginnes has been refused a private landlord licence by Dumfries and Galloway Council after it was found that he has a conviction for stalking. Earlier this year Mr Maginnes was warned that he needed to register as a private landlord after the
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Due Diligence for Live in Landlords, including the Immigration Bill.

18 April, 20140 Comments
The biggest worry facing a live in landlord is the kind of person their lodger might be (aside from whether they’re simply compatible) – are they a criminal, likely to be violent or damage your home?  Will they pay the rent on time?  Will they respect you and your home? It’s a staggering fact that
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Letting Agents keeping tenants deposits are not agents THEY’RE THIEVES

27 February, 20140 Comments
A Newsbeat investigation has found that a minority of letting agents are fraudulently taking thousands of pounds from tenants as holding deposits, not letting them move in and then keeping that money. From January 2011 to September 2013 Trading Standards authorities in England reported 487 such cases and a Freedom of Information request found that
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Tenant Referencing 2014 | Landlords who use social referencing avoid £65,000+ debt this week

04 January, 20140 Comments
The first LRS weekly tenant rent default for 2014 currently stands at £45,000+ and property damages at £20,000+ ; equaling a massive £65,000+ of debt avoided by each landlord that regularly references their tenants through LRS. The most important aspect of is to fully understand the meaning of “Tenant Referencing in Real Time”. Mary
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OH MY! Mr Tenant – What big teeth you have! …

21 November, 20130 Comments
We have all heard the story of Little Red Riding Hood; the “Big Bad Wolf” who ate Red Riding Hood’s Grandmother and then disguised itself as her to catch and eat the little girl. Well, a leading independent estate and lettings agency group in Essex have recently warned that landlords are directly at risk to
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Drug use most common in Private Rented Accommodation

10 December, 20120 Comments
The Prime-Minister is being urged by The Commons Home Affairs Select Committee to consider all of the alternatives to Britain’s failing drug laws, including decriminalisation and legalisation. The influential cross-party group of MP’s say that after taking evidence from all sides of the drug debate, including from Russell Brand and Richard Branson, that “now, more
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Bangor Imposes Curfew for Under 16 Year Olds.

18 June, 20120 Comments
North Wales Police and Gwynedd County Council have imposed a dispersal order banning anyone under 16 entering the city centre, from 9pm to 6am without their parents. Despite claims by police this year that violent crime has fallen by almost a quarter in Bangor, authorities insist the measure is necessary to combat anti-social behaviour and
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