credit report

credit report

TR Group Login Issues *PLEASE READ*

04 October, 20160 Comments
Good morning all, Some users are experiencing issues logging in after some security updates over the weekend. Please clear your recent browser history/cookies and it will reset the login page for you. As always, if anyone experiences any issues please call the team on: 0800 9994 994 or email Got something to say? Please click here to
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Real Time Referencing Service Update

27 September, 20160 Comments
As of today we are decommissioning our unique Tenant Alert service due to system updates. Tenant Alerts were created exclusively at Tenant Referencing UK seven years ago, to warn landlords/agents about tenants who were on the move after leaving their last tenancy with excessive rent arrears and/or damages. Some landlord and agent members were also trying to reference
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70% of landlords prefer good tenants to high rents

12 September, 20161 Comments
We all know that the mainstream media makes it’s money in portraying landlords as greedy investors, who’s number one priority is to take advantage of their tenants at any expense. However a new study shows that buy to let landlords in the UK would rather good tenants than extra cash. Rents on new tenancies may have continued
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Neighbours from hell await David Cameron and family…

12 July, 20161 Comments
As the PM-in-waiting plans her new cabinet, David Cameron faced a mad dash yesterday to find somewhere else to live; what with his home in North Kensington still rented out and his Oxfordshire farmhouse too far away. In the midst of packing up their two storey Downing Street flat over No 11, a central London house was eventually found for the
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Landlord and Tenant checking company breaches advertising rules

25 February, 20140 Comments
Tenant Referencing company has recently had a claim made against it regarding the breaching of advertising rules. claimed on their website that they had been providing “pre tenancy & lease intelligence to landlord and agents for the past 10 years”. However a complainant reported the company to The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) after
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” Be open about your financial past before embarking on home ownership ” urge Equifax

04 February, 20140 Comments
Leading online credit information provider, Equifax, is urging couples looking to purchase their first home together to reveal any financial commitments they may have kept hidden from each other, before entering a new shared financial agreement such as a mortgage to buy a property. The warning comes as tougher affordability rules are set to be
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Don’t name your tenants online – Join LRS instead

12 November, 20130 Comments
The Information Commissioners Office states that landlords cannot publicly display their tenants rent arrears, so what can a landlord do to warn others about their tenants previous rental history without breaking the law? A landlord recently joined LRS and posted his own “Tenant Reviews” (from his own website) within our community forum.  These did not
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Can you afford to take these tenants ?

08 August, 20130 Comments
Local people who need housing in North Somerset will find the process becomes easier from next month when changes to the HomeChoice policy come into force. More than 7,000 households are currently waiting for social housing but many of these have no connection to North Somerset – but from September, those people without a local
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Do debt recovery agencies have a duty to be more thorough ?

23 July, 20130 Comments
This morning there was an interesting segment on BBC Two which raised some important questions for us all regarding the way our personal information is being gathered and used. “Don’t Get Done Get Dom” helped a man restore his credit rating after being chased for thousands of pounds worth of someone else’s debt, over 8 years.
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