credit reference

credit reference

Is the Noddle credit reference any good?

05 May, 20160 Comments
Dear Samii My tenant appears to have a problem with their credit score, which is very low. They say its probably due to having split addresses and that they’ve recently applied to change their entry on the electoral role to their current address but it hasn’t come through yet. They’ve now provided a credit report
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Just 1 bad tenant can wipe out an entire pension pot …

08 April, 20140 Comments
With 25% of retirees planning to user their pension pot to buy an annuity, following reforms announced in this year’s Budget, LRS wonders how prepared these ‘silver-savers’ actually are for becoming a landlord. Following the biggest shake-up of the pensions system in generations, pensioners can now take more of their pension pot as up-front cash,
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” Be open about your financial past before embarking on home ownership ” urge Equifax

04 February, 20140 Comments
Leading online credit information provider, Equifax, is urging couples looking to purchase their first home together to reveal any financial commitments they may have kept hidden from each other, before entering a new shared financial agreement such as a mortgage to buy a property. The warning comes as tougher affordability rules are set to be
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Liverpool licensing plans could increase costs for good tenants

22 November, 20130 Comments
Today the Mayoral Cabinet for Liverpool will be asked to approve plans for a 12 week independent consultation to begin, over the introduction of the first citywide licensing scheme for private landlords. In a bid to drive up the quality of private rented properties this would mean that all property owners who rent out accommodation
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666; the number of the beast! [LRS HALLOWEEN EXCLUSIVE] #TerrifyingTenantTales

31 October, 20130 Comments
“Once a conman, always a conman…” Tenant Alert Reference : NATIONAL/RS/241013 This is a tale about one of my tenants who has truly lived up to his DOB; 06/06/1966 !!! In the past he conned 4 women into giving him wads of cash with his sob stories and did 30 months of prison time when
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Licensing plans could increase costs for good tenants

21 October, 20130 Comments
As a Lincolnshire council plans to introduce a licensing system for landlords to crack down on anti-social tenants, the NLA has voiced their concerns that it could put up costs for good tenants. Boston Borough Council believe that the licences, which could cost upwards of £490, will help tackle disruption and low-quality housing. They also
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Mercy for ‘Cannabis farm in the barn’ landlord!

16 August, 20122 Comments
A ‘naive’ dairy farming landlord from Stoke-on-Trent has been spared jail, after being duped by his two drug dealing tenants. Between April and August 2011 David Houghton & Ian Adderly fitted Andrew Titterton’s barn with a hydroponic watering system, lights and fans which were fed off electricity stolen from the mains. When police raided the property,
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The Evolution of Lifestyle Network Referencing.

22 June, 20120 Comments
As we prepare for our 6th landlord / property exhibition of 2012 we thought it would be interesting to take a look at how Landlord Referencing Services has evolved over the past two years. Our story begins in April 2010, following the companies founder being stabbed in the head by a drug dealing tenant; vowing
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