credit check

credit check

Frustrated Landlords – Making Sure You Receive Rental Payments On Time

09 August, 20170 Comments
Ask yourself one simple question – why did you invest in buy-to-let property all those years ago? So you could make money. As a private landlord it’s vital to collect your rental payments on time because the knock on effects for you can be disastrous. Many landlords use the income generated on lettings to pay
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Does the green tick mean I should go ahead with their tenancy or is there anything else I should be waiting for?

17 June, 20160 Comments
Dear Samii I’ve just received the Equifax financial report back. Does the green tick mean I should go ahead with their tenancy or is there anything else I should be waiting for? Samii says Thank you for highlighting this issue. At Tenant Referencing UK we try to make everything as clear and transparent as possible,
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Tenant killed his landlord for rent money, Swansea court hears

14 June, 20160 Comments
This week a Swansea court has heard Landlord Alec Warburton died from a brutal hammer attack, after the accused murderer created a web of lies in order to steal rent money. David Craig Ellis, 41, is accused of murdering his landlord Alec Warburton, 59, at his home between July and August of last year. After the killing
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How disturbing is it that tenants can run up debt, refuse to pay or surrender property and CCJ’s might not show on their credit check?

09 June, 20161 Comments
A new landlord member has recently shared their story with us regarding a rogue tenant they’ve uploaded onto the database, that we’d now like to share with you here: Alert Reference: NATIONAL/NALB/08062016 Rent Default: £6300 – Property Damage: Unknown ‘After finding the tenant through Gumtree, we carried out a basic tenant check through the NLA and obtained
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Referencing for tenants who’ve just arrived from another EU country – Do they qualify for RGI?

20 April, 20162 Comments
Dear Samii Please can you let me know whether you are able to carry out referencing for tenants who have just arrived from another country in the EU? Also, are they able to qualify for RGI? Samii says The problem we face is that a credit check is a required element of eligibility for RGI.
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Bank Statements / Financial Check Sample Report

30 March, 20160 Comments
Dear Samii My applicant tenant is concerned about fraud and reluctant to share their bank statements with your data processors. Is there any way around this part of the referencing procedure? Samii says At Tenant Referencing UK we use a secured connection and this is why we ask for these to be uploaded instead of being sent via
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How Could Selecting the Right Tenants Protect Your Investment?

01 May, 20140 Comments
For many people, renting a property is a very strong investment with a good turnover. That is, providing the tenants you have don’t destroy the property and cause issues, and providing that they actually pay the rent. Choosing the wrong tenants could be a very costly decision which could even result in you defaulting on
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Landlord and Tenant checking company breaches advertising rules

25 February, 20140 Comments
Tenant Referencing company has recently had a claim made against it regarding the breaching of advertising rules. claimed on their website that they had been providing “pre tenancy & lease intelligence to landlord and agents for the past 10 years”. However a complainant reported the company to The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) after
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