county court

county court

Where to turn when reliable renters become troublesome tenants

23 March, 20170 Comments
If you’re not familiar with the song ‘Murphy Owes Me Rent’ by Frank Harding (and why would you be, it’s from 1890), as a landlord, it is worth checking out. It tells the story of a well-respected landlord who owns several properties. In one of them lives Murphy, who hasn’t paid his rent for “many
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Writs of possession to evict persons unknown

28 November, 20160 Comments
A High Court writ of possession instructs the High Court Enforcement Officer (HCEO) to remove the persons from the land or property in question. A writ of possession may be against trespassers on land or in commercial property – squatters, activists or travellers for example – or tenants in residential or commercial property. This article
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Eviction of residential tenants Q&A – Part two

21 November, 20160 Comments
Our thanks to all those who attended our webinar in October. We had several questions from participants and bring you the second round of answers to these in part two of our Q&A. You can find part one here. If you have any other questions about evicting tenants under section 42 (s42) of the County
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A faster tenant eviction option for private landlords

05 October, 20160 Comments
Private landlords may be justified in feeling pressured from all sides – losing buy-to-let mortgage tax relief, the additional 3% stamp duty, licensing fees being introduced by many local authorities, not to mention the lengthy delays surrounding the eviction of tenants. The principal reason why tenants are evicted is non-payment of rent, yet another financial
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Writs of possession key facts

27 September, 20161 Comments
A High Court writ of possession instructs a High Court Enforcement Officer (HCEO) to recover the property or land on behalf of the owner from tenants or trespassers. It proceedings were started in the County Court, an order for possession will have been awarded which will need to be transferred up to the High Court
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6 year anti-social behaviour campaign finally curbed

07 May, 20140 Comments
Yesterday nightmare neighbours from hell, in the Kings Norton area of Birmingham, were issued with Anti-social Behaviour Injunctions. Eugene Bird, 54, Sean Bird, 21, and Michael Bird, 19, from the Hawkesley Estate have had their council house re-possessed and each have received a 2 year Anti-Social Behaviour Injunction. Since 2008 the family have made the
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Foxtons in legal battle with landlord following bad tenant experience

15 April, 20140 Comments
Estate agency giant Foxtons have recently been taken to court by a landlord client following a row over unpaid commission after complaining that the previous tenants had trashed his property. The dispute began in 2007 when private landlord Jonathan Bloom instructed Foxtons to let out a house he owned in South Hampstead. He said he
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