Councils on the warpath against unlicensed rental properties

04 July, 20162 Comments
As more selective licensing legislation is enacted by councils across the UK, Burnley Council is the latest to prosecute landlords responsible for unlicensed rented housing in the borough. In a bid to ‘help improve standards for landlords and residents’ in Burnley, selective licensing areas have been introduced in various parts of the borough. Aiming to
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Local Government Association

Illegal eviction prosecutions show crackdown on rogue landlords

01 February, 20160 Comments
According to the Local Government Association (LGA); councils are cracking down on rogue landlord for some of the worst cases of illegal evictions, with four councils securing successful prosecutions in one month alone. However they are calling for the legal process to be speeded up in order to bring more cases to court. Two of
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NLA -Councils telling tenants to wait for bailiffs before moving out

29 January, 20160 Comments
According to new findings from a survey of 950 tenants by the NLA; an alarming number of private tenants are being told by their local council to ignore eviction notices served by their landlords – and to wait for bailiffs to turn up before moving out – in order to qualify for rehousing support. The
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Councils & Housing Associations are supposed to provide better HOMES not bigger LOANS

07 July, 20140 Comments
I have just been reading this http://www.landlordreferencing…..-recovery/ about the new restrictions on mortgages And then I read this in the Guardian Household debt serious threat to UK recovery, says Bank of England deputy Jon Cunliffe says debt is equal to 135% of household earnings but Bank’s measures to limit lending will insure against crash In
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110 years on; Anti-social behaviour is no better

22 April, 20140 Comments
A collection of mugshots dating back to 1905, which warned publicans of drunken Dundonians, is to go under the hammer today. The folio of forms was issued to local landlords warning them not to serve the pictured people, who had been convicted of being drunk and incapable. Forms note “riotous behaviour” by the barred drinkers,
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Free deterrent to troublesome households within the PRS

23 January, 20130 Comments
A government report has found that councils are wasting billions of pounds, by not intervening with anti-social families more effectively. Local Government Secretary Eric Pickles has published new findings showing the huge savings that can be made for the taxpayer from turning around troubled families, by intervening more effectively in problem households. The Department for
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Why are councils failing to help homeless tenants?

11 October, 20120 Comments
A Freedom of Information request (FOI) has revealed that councils right across the UK failed to spend nearly £8million in Discretionary Housing Payments (DHP) last year. In these economically hard times and with homelessness on the increase, drastic situations such as Croydon tenants being moved to towns in Yorkshire; Winter Migration; Tenants Fly North – are
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