council tax

council tax

Court rules landlords not responsible for paying council tax

18 November, 20160 Comments
Landlords have welcomed an Appeal Court ruling that buy-to-let landlords are not responsible for paying the council tax on a property after a tenant has moved out before a tenancy agreement has expired. The appeal was brought by Leeds City Council, which demanded that council tax be paid by a landlord for five properties for periods
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Council tax ‘could be scrapped’ in Scotland?

24 August, 20150 Comments
Reform Scotland is calling to revamp the way that the local government is financed and is arguing that Scotland’s 32 councils should have total control over local taxation through a range of other taxes. Reform Scotland is a public institute or ‘think tank’ who’s objective is to “set out policies in Scotland that deliver increased
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Number of “UK Mansions” doubles in 5 years

10 July, 20140 Comments
With recent presentations for action being a Mansion Tax being put ahead on a close-to-monthly basis, we revisit the prickly question of how to really specify a “mansion”. Early brought ahead in September 2009 by the Liberal Democrats was the scheme of presenting a new yearly tax on high-value property. The basic proposal was for
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Due Diligence for Live in Landlords, including the Immigration Bill.

18 April, 20140 Comments
The biggest worry facing a live in landlord is the kind of person their lodger might be (aside from whether they’re simply compatible) – are they a criminal, likely to be violent or damage your home?  Will they pay the rent on time?  Will they respect you and your home? It’s a staggering fact that
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PRS Rent arrears UK’s best kept secret

11 March, 20140 Comments
Rent Arrears are now the fastest growing debt dilemma in the UK, but are also the most hidden debt – especially for private renting tenants. For example: A recent report revealed a total of 10,606 tenants in the West Midland borough of Sandwell were in rent arrears – owing Sandwell council a combined £5.3m in
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Top Tips for Minimising Void Periods

24 July, 20130 Comments
Void periods can be a landlord’s worst nightmare, most landlords rely on the income a property generates to pay its mortgage and whilst the property is empty as the owner you will also be liable for council tax and any bills that the property incurs. At present the average void period in the UK is
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Universal Credit will fail to encourage full-time work?

30 October, 20120 Comments
A new report by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation today suggests Universal Credit (UC) could see people worse off in work and struggling to manage their finances, with many left to deal with a more complex benefits system than before. Key points found by the report include: Switching to monthly single payments to households is a
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