Upcycling – A Great Way to Furnish Rentals Without High Costs

08 May, 20170 Comments
As the property market gets busier and busier – Landlords and private homeowners are under more pressure to “provide more, for less” for their tenants. Fortunately, springs latest trend could be set to stay and it could significantly help private landlords furnish their properties without the need for high-end prices. What Is Upcycling? I’ve Never
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Why Landlords Don’t Allow Pets

24 January, 20170 Comments
The bond between human and pet can often become unbreakable, with some pet owners willing to do whatever it takes to ensure the safety of their beloved furry friend. However, whilst 90% of landlords appreciate that pets are family members, there are many reasons for not allowing them into a rental property. This doesn’t mean
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Landlords advised not to replace furniture until April

23 February, 20161 Comments
According to accountants Blick Rothenberg LLP; Landlords should wait to replace any furniture in rental properties until 6th April 2016 which is when the 10% wear and tear allowance is being replaced and costs become deductible under a new tax relief. Robert Pullen, personal tax manager at Blick Rothenberg, commented on this statement: “From April
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Cost of having kids vs Cost of House Prices

The cost of raising a child is now higher than a semi-detached house

17 February, 20160 Comments
According to new calculations by Liverpool Victoria, raising a child to the age of 21 now costs more than the average semi-detached house and will set you back a massive £231,843 on average across the UK. Liverpool Victoria’s report pointed to Halifax figures, which show the average price of a semi-detached house in the UK
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Essential Buy-to-Let Property Investment Tips for Landlords

23 November, 20150 Comments
Buy-to-let is increasingly popular among seasoned investors and first-time landlords alike, and pension pot self-investors in particular are turning to property as a source of retirement income. If you are getting into buy-to-let for the first time, there are a number of important tips that you may want to bear in mind. Do Your Homework
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Properties on ‘Lanes’ are worth £100k more than on ‘Streets’

11 August, 20150 Comments
According to research from Barclays Mortgages has found that properties which are situated on ‘lanes’ are worth over £100,000 more than those on a ‘street’. The first line of your address really can say something about the value of your home according to data which was provided by property market specialists Hometrack. The research results
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Should private landlords be subject to greater regulation?

29 April, 20140 Comments
As the private rented sector continues to grow, so do calls for regulation. Today The Guardian have asked a tenants group and the landlord lobby for their thoughts; click here to view original source. Alex Hilton, director of Generation Rent, says that: “… A national register of landlords would help end the worst abuses. …
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Should You Use A Letting Agent?

23 April, 20140 Comments
Do you consider yourself a professional landlord? If you let any kind of property, you should; even if you let just one house, you are subject to the same legal requirements as property developers with a whole string of property under their belts. Of course, career landlords will have trusted agents or employees to take
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PRS Rent arrears UK’s best kept secret

11 March, 20140 Comments
Rent Arrears are now the fastest growing debt dilemma in the UK, but are also the most hidden debt – especially for private renting tenants. For example: A recent report revealed a total of 10,606 tenants in the West Midland borough of Sandwell were in rent arrears – owing Sandwell council a combined £5.3m in
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