The Week The Landlords Moved In – Episode 3: Communication Is Key

13 July, 20170 Comments
The third episode of this series aired last night, featuring Founder of Tenant Referencing UK Paul Routledge. The series aims to challenge successful landlords to spend an eye-opening week living in one of their own rentals, on their tenant’s budget, to see life through their tenant’s eyes. Speaking on BBC Radio Bristol this morning, Paul
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Delayed repairs cost UK landlords £4.1billion a year

12 December, 20160 Comments
New research has revealed that almost a quarter of buy to let landlords blame delays by tenants informing them about maintenance issues in their homes, which inevitably results in more costly repairs further down the line. Conducted by LV=, the study shows that the annual cost of essential maintenance comes to more than £2,360 per
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Info on the referencing process that I can share with my applicant tenants

11 May, 20160 Comments
Dear Samii Do you have any information on the referencing process that I can share with my applicant tenants please? Samii says Of course, and it’s great to hear that you want to be completely transparent with tenants on the referencing process. Hopefully you’ll be able to use the following to effectively communicate with future tenants: The
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Activists call for a ban on Section 21’s …

11 April, 20140 Comments
Yesterday housing activists occupied the Department of Communities and Local Government in protest at evictions and insecurity of tenure. The protest followed reports of a workshop held by DCLG about ways of making it easier for landlords to evict their tenants, where campaigners bedded down in sleeping bags in the department’s lobby to “highlight how
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Just 1 bad tenant can wipe out an entire pension pot …

08 April, 20140 Comments
With 25% of retirees planning to user their pension pot to buy an annuity, following reforms announced in this year’s Budget, LRS wonders how prepared these ‘silver-savers’ actually are for becoming a landlord. Following the biggest shake-up of the pensions system in generations, pensioners can now take more of their pension pot as up-front cash,
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Accurate tenant referencing and landlord communication is the way forward

03 February, 20140 Comments
With the impending welfare reform via Universal Credit, legislation to tackle illegal immigration, more landlord Licensing schemes being implemented and stories such as Landlord Fergus Wilson’s recently hitting the headlines; landlords and letting agents need to realise the severe implications if they continue to go about their business without the means of accurate and thorough
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Homeless charity to trade tenants personal data [UPDATE]

13 November, 20130 Comments
By year end Experian plan to include 600,000 rental records, via social housing providers who’s tenants have paid late, that lenders will have access to from next year. Landlord Referencing Services has been including late rent payments, as well as any property damages incurred throughout each tenancy, via our unique Lifestyle Referencing Reports for nearly
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Homeless charity to trade tenants personal data?

10 May, 20130 Comments
Today it has been revealed that social landlords are planning to hand over rental payment data to a credit ratings giant, in an attempt to help social tenants build their credit histories and access more affordable housing. Later this month Experian and the social investment arm of The Big Issue “Big Issue Invest” will be
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