Additional clauses in a written tenancy agreement

10 June, 20130 Comments
It has always puzzled me why Landlords do not add more clauses to a drawn up Tenancy Agreement. If you are a Landlord who has added additional advantageous clauses please, enlighten others of what appropriate small print can be added. Mr Trevor McMaster ~ The City of London Bailiffs Previous topics: Notice to Quit! Who’s shaking? TENANT CAN’T PAY THE
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Notice to Quit! Who’s shaking?

23 April, 20131 Comments
NOTICE TO QUIT! WHO’S SHAKING? Does serving a notice to quit encourage the tenant to pay up or tell the tenant that they have another 60 days (minimum) rent free accommodation ? What is your success rate in getting arrears paid and future rent paid on time after serving notice ? Mr Trevor McMaster ~ The City
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17 April, 20131 Comments
Tenancy agreement states no Key Meters to be fitted. Would you, the landlord, allow a key meter to be installed if the tenant can’t pay the gas and electric bills ? What would you do if the tenant was cut off ? Mr Trevor McMaster ~ The City of London Bailiffs Previous topics: 394….That is
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394….That is all folks!

10 April, 20132 Comments
It is now an ever decreasing number, thank god. The curse of the Bailiff and the torment of the Landlord but, not for much longer. One by one, they are closing for good…and good bloody riddance too. The bias wrath of the wooden collection box is dead, Haha. No longer will tenants be able to
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