Could You Take The Leap from Renting to Buying?

18 September, 20170 Comments
There’s no doubt that taking the leap from renting a property to owning one outright is a huge step. However, it’s also a huge leap forward in the right direction and can be the catalyst that sets you up for years to come. However, renting is a lot different from owning as it comes with
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Jargon busting tips when selling/buying a home

22 November, 20160 Comments
          Whether it’s our job, our hobbies, our education or our health, there will be certain times in our lives when we need to learn some new terms. At the start of any process it can be quite confusing picking up the lingo. But if you’re thinking of buying or selling
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Couples – Where can you afford to buy in England and Wales?

15 January, 20160 Comments
Just where – if anywhere – can you afford to buy in England and Wales? The Telegraph has created a map of the UK where you can work out how affordable each local authority is to buy a house as a couple .As unsurprisingly, many more areas are accessible when sharing the burden between two people.
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Is buying or selling a house more stressful?

08 January, 20160 Comments
Research from Which? Mortgage Advisers has released a survey showing that buying and selling property is one of the most stressful life experiences – more stressful than having a child and second only to going through a divorce. But which one was considered worse? And which one do you consider worse? A survey was conducted
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When is the best day of the year to sell your home? – TODAY!

02 September, 20150 Comments
Online estate agent eMoov has conducted research that has found that TODAY (2nd September 2015) is the best day of the year to sell your home. Trends found through Google search trends have highlighted that from November until the end of the year; traffic levels to property site such as Rightmove and Zoopla declines by
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Super homes for Super heroes

30 April, 20140 Comments
Many thanks to Web-Blinds for providing us with this fun info-graphic. Follow them on twitter @WebBlinds Related topics: Confessions of a Nosey Neighbour [INFO-GRAPHIC] Are we turning into an isolated nation? Majority of tenants put off by neighbours from
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Top 100 housing must reads; 2013 through the eyes of an LRS landlord.

31 December, 20130 Comments
Here is a compilation of the 100 most read, most interesting, and most commented upon Landlord Referencing Forum topics, from late 2012 to the end of 2013. (Click on title of each one to read the thread in full.) The Office of Fair Trading has today launched new online resources to help internet businesses comply
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It’s official! Renting is cheaper than buying…

21 August, 20120 Comments
New research released by Savills and Rightmove shows that renting is cheaper than buying, across all but two of the UK’s 376 boroughs. These latest findings reveal that the common perception that it is cheaper to buy than rent (in the short term) is wrongly believed by 51% of renters and homeowners across the UK.
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