Right to Rent: Almost a fifth of landlords less likely to let to let to EU nationals

11 September, 20170 Comments
According to a recent survey, almost a fifth of private landlords say they are now less likely to let to EU nationals or individuals from the European Economic Area as a result of the immigration checks they are now expected to make via Right to Rent. Confusion over how landlords will be expected to identify
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More Landlords Than Ever Buying Homes with Cash as Rents Across UK Rise

15 March, 20170 Comments
Landlords buying new houses and flats with cash has hit a record level in the UK, with 61% of such purchases made in January, new figures reveal. The cash splurge, up from 59% the previous January and 41% in 2007, comes as rents around the UK are on the rise practically everywhere, except London. The
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The private rental market could change everything in Scotland

03 January, 20170 Comments
The Scottish housing market could be defined by investors purchasing land in order to build apartments for the rental market. These kinds of developments are likely to become as common as student accommodation and even though these kinds of developments are mainly seen in London, it is likely that investors are going to look to
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Government reveal lettings fee ban unlikely until 2018, as online petition suggests a cap on fees instead

01 December, 20160 Comments
One of our landlord subscribers has alerted us to this latest development with regards to the proposed lettings fee ban, announced in this months Autumn Statement. Chancellor Philip Hammond said in his Autumn Statement that a ban on letting agents fees will be introduced as soon as possible. However, the Department for Communities and Local
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Brexit is Providing Opportunities for First Time Buyers

15 September, 20160 Comments
Two months since the UK voted to leave the EU, we’ve sat down with our Managing Director, Mark Hobbs, to discuss the changes we have seen in this short period, and what it means for the average Brit. Buying a House Post-Brexit Mark believes that the financial measures The Bank of England, Government and UK
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Brexit: How Have Landlords Been Affected?

02 August, 20160 Comments
New research from BRDC continental shows that more than 65% of landlords are worried about the impact of Brexit on the private rental sector.  The research says that majority of landlords were unsure or concerned about what the EU referendum meant for the rental sector. BDRC’s data shows that 40% of landlords feel that result
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Why did the UK really vote to leave the EU?

27 June, 20160 Comments
Since last Friday morning the media have been spinning us the line that the reason the UK voted to leave the European Union was mainly due to our growing immigration issues, in essence; a win for the far right and a loss for the country as a whole. It is clear to us at Tenant
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60% of Property Professionals Believe We Should Stay In the EU

23 June, 20160 Comments have conducted some research on how landlords and property professionals are feeling about today’s EU referendum. They found that the majority of property professionals believe that Britain should remain in the EU. Landlords, letting agents, mortgage brokers, property experts and landlord insurance specialists all took part in the Landlord News poll at this week’s Landlord
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Expat homeowners could suffer if Britain leave the EU

03 May, 20160 Comments
For British property buyers, Spain was the number one destination in 2015 but with the possible Brexit on the horizon this could all change. In recent years, Spain has remained the top Mediterranean destination for those British buyers looking to purchase abroad. During 2015, the number of property sales in Spain increased by 90%. This
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