Another government failure brings a £1 Billion unprecedented repercussion!

01 September, 20180 Comments
A 1 Billion Pound unprecedented repercussion! An article by inside housing examined the figures from 290 local authorities and calculated that last year alone, local councils’ temporary accommodation spend neared £1bn (£937m). With this figure being reported as a 56% increase in just 5 years, we can’t help but think this is part of the
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Welfare Reform via Universal Credit | New helpline for landlords launches

29 August, 20171 Comments
The Department for Work and Pensions has recently introduced a new helpline for landlords whose Universal Credit tenants will not communicate with them. Private landlords who find themselves unable to obtain the tenants co-operation to get DWP to supply information when it comes to enquiries about major payments, e.g. a direct payments to the landlord,
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Unlawful eviction and what it means for you

23 June, 20170 Comments
Like many jobs, being a landlord has both its benefits and pitfalls. One of the worst situations you can find yourself in is being faced with the daunting prospect of evicting a problem tenant. It’s something every landlord dreads and rightly hopes they will never have to do. However rather than avoid the situation and
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Landlords are not changing the rules – Government have changed the rules

17 October, 20164 Comments
An experienced landlord has sent this in today, which we whole-heartedly agree with at the TR Group. RE: Shelter in the news today: More than four in 10 people face homes which fail acceptable standards – BBC News. So Shelter claim that more than four in 10 people in Britain live in homes that do
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50% of Universal Credit claimants now in arrears

19 July, 20162 Comments
As the number of Universal Credit claimants in debt is much higher than expected, Lord Freud has commissioned an “urgent” review to directly address the issue. Describing the proportion of claimants already in arrears before they switched over to direct payment of benefit for housing costs under UC as “frightening”, speaking in the House of
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Big Benefit Handout

The Big Benefits Handout

05 February, 20160 Comments
‘The Big Benefits Handout’ is a new Channel 5 reality show which gives three families their annual benefits allowance in one payment, rather than their weekly or fortnightly handouts to see if it is more efficient. The benefit families were given £26,000 – the maximum yearly amount one family can receive under the current benefits
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Ministers consider halting benefits for young workers to keep migrant pledge

11 August, 20150 Comments
It has emerged that ministers are now considering plans to stop young Britons from claiming in-work benefits because it the Tory manifesto pledge to apply the restrictions solely to EU migrants would be ‘prohibited under current EU law’ according to the BBC.  The rule which intended to stop EU migrants claiming benefits within the first
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Want a mortgage? Don’t eat steak!

12 May, 20140 Comments
It emerged last night that mortgage applicants are being asked ‘Spanish inquisition’ style questions, including whether they play golf or eat steak. Some interviews have lasted up to 3 hours where applicants have been quizzed over the price of haircuts, their plans for more children and even their hopes of a pay rise. These questions
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