benefit tenants

benefit tenants

Houses depicting Rental to Housing Benefit Tenants article

Tenants and housing benefits

01 March, 20180 Comments
We thought we’d look at housing benefit tenants and what landlords should be aware of if they are considering renting or already do rent to someone on benefits in this article. With £25 billion being spent on housing benefit payments in 2017 and many of those claimants moving over to the new system of universal
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Private landlords call for help reclaiming Universal Credit rent arrears

05 December, 20170 Comments
Landlords are calling on the Government to create a mechanism for them to reclaim any rent arrears built up by Universal Credit (UC) claimants who move out of their property. Research by the Residential Landlords Association’s (RLA) has revealed 36% of private landlords have more confidence to rent to tenants on UC as a result
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Benefit tenants won’t lose out on private rented homes with the help of Tenant Histories

01 June, 20160 Comments
The NLA have recently stated that tenants are set to lose out on private rented homes, as landlords look to tenants less prone to missing rental payments; in order to minimise the impact of last year’s Budget. According to the latest research from the National Landlords Association (NLA)*, six in ten (60%) landlords report that
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The importance of referencing Universal Credit tenants

14 April, 20161 Comments
With Universal Credit in the news again this week, at Tenant Referencing UK we thought we’d draw attention to this: If a council or housing association tenant has one month’s rent arrears it will be paid direct to their landlord but if a private tenant has rent arrears private landlords must wait two months’ for
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Big Benefit Handout

The Big Benefits Handout

05 February, 20160 Comments
‘The Big Benefits Handout’ is a new Channel 5 reality show which gives three families their annual benefits allowance in one payment, rather than their weekly or fortnightly handouts to see if it is more efficient. The benefit families were given £26,000 – the maximum yearly amount one family can receive under the current benefits
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The real reason that Fergus Wilson is selling his £100M buy to let property empire

10 July, 20140 Comments
Britain’s biggest buy-to-let landlords to sell entire portfolio of properties Sale of nearly 1,000 homes in Ashford and Maidstone area likely to net Fergus and Judith Wilson at least £100m more here This story featured in the same edition of the Guardian as did this story The law on renting needs changing: it’s far too
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