anti-social tenants

anti-social tenants

Sex for shelter- One scandalous result of our housing crisis.

11 September, 20180 Comments
Sex for shelter- One scandalous result of our housing crisis. When you hear of vulnerable young people paying for shelter with sexual favours, what country springs to mind? We would be willing to bet that the UK isn’t the first place that you thought of. Yet that’s exactly what’s happening right here in one of
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Channel four presenter struck off council’s Landlord Register

21 October, 20140 Comments
Hugh Begbie of Channel 4’s “Four In A Bed” reality TV show has been struck off the council’s Landlord Register for failing to deal with ant-social tenants. The antisocial tenant, in Stevenston was convicted of growing cannabis in his property and inflicted anti-social behaviours on his neighbours. The licensing committee said he ignored letters from
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Mandatory Landlord Licensing – Lets Unite

27 March, 20140 Comments
With more and more local authorities proposing and actioning Selective Licensing schemes for PRS landlords, LRS believe that it is time for landlords to take matters into their own hands and get their voice heard. Sections 79, 80 and 81 of the Housing Act 2004 provide for the introduction of a scheme of Selective Licensing
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Liverpool licensing plans could increase costs for good tenants

22 November, 20130 Comments
Today the Mayoral Cabinet for Liverpool will be asked to approve plans for a 12 week independent consultation to begin, over the introduction of the first citywide licensing scheme for private landlords. In a bid to drive up the quality of private rented properties this would mean that all property owners who rent out accommodation
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61% of landlords feel the risk to their safety has increased while collecting rents…

29 October, 20130 Comments
In an anonymous online poll of 200 Landlords LRS asked the question: Do you feel welfare reforms have increased the risk to your safety while collecting rents? We can now reveal the results; This is why Lifestyle Tenant Referencing is acting as an excellent deterrent to anti-social tenants, as once they find out that our
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Confessions of a Nosey Neighbour [INFO-GRAPHIC]

25 October, 20130 Comments
Many thanks to Blinds Supermarket for providing us with this interesting info-graphic. Follow them on twitter @blindssmkt Related topics: Are we turning into an isolated nation? Invitation of ideas as to how your community can be improved. Anti-social tenants – A new Bill set to make a
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Licensing plans could increase costs for good tenants

21 October, 20130 Comments
As a Lincolnshire council plans to introduce a licensing system for landlords to crack down on anti-social tenants, the NLA has voiced their concerns that it could put up costs for good tenants. Boston Borough Council believe that the licences, which could cost upwards of £490, will help tackle disruption and low-quality housing. They also
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Anti-social tenants – A new Bill set to make a difference

05 September, 20130 Comments
A new piece of legislation is set to make a huge difference to landlords, who have previously had difficulties evicting tenants on the grounds of anti-social behaviour. The year ending December 2012 saw over 2.3 million incidents of anti-social behaviour recorded by police in England and Wales; which is equivalent to around 6,300 incidents each
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