anti-social behaviour

anti-social behaviour

Tenant’s anti-social behaviour lands BTL investor with £16k fine

26 May, 20170 Comments
A private landlord who ignored warnings from the police and the council has been handed a £16,000 fine, due to his tenant’s anti-social actions. Buy to let investor Jason Duffield, who lives in Birmingham, was handed a restraining order by police last year because of the noise coming from the rental property in Tamworth. He was
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NLCE Accreditation

More landlords complete new accreditation scheme in North Somerset

23 January, 20170 Comments
More landlords have completed a vigorous training and accreditation scheme in Weston-super-Mare, which they believe will protect good tenants and enable North Somerset Council to effectively target ‘rogue’ landlords in the district. Since the first National Landlords Code of Excellence (NLCE UK) training day took place in November 2016 many more local landlords and letting agents have joined the
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Nottingham City proposes to dump yet another tax via licensing on good landlords and raise itself £16m

17 November, 20160 Comments
Nottingham City Council has announced their desire to introduce citywide selective licensing across the 20 wards of Nottingham. This will represent one of the largest schemes in the Country impacting at least 26,250 properties at £600.00 per property. The council will employ an additional 74 officers to handle on average 5,250 applications a year. Under
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Free online anti social behaviour reporting system for private renting tenants

24 October, 20161 Comments
The National Landlords Code of Excellence Ltd have launched a free anti social behaviour reporting system for private renters in the UK. In the year ending June 2015, 67% of the Anti Social Behaviour (ASB) incidents categorised by the police were identified as nuisance; 26% as personal; and 6% as environmental. The new set of 3 simplified categories for
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When Agents Don’t Act in Their Clients’ Interests…

17 October, 20160 Comments
True Landlord Story: I had the Beckenham / Bromley Kent office of Edward Ashdale Estate Agents represent me from October 31, 2014 till September 30, 2016 while I rented my suite in Beckenham, Kent while working abroad. I’m still working abroad now and will return to London later this year. The agent promptly found and
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Court injunction issued against nightmare tenant in the North West

22 September, 20161 Comments
A nightmare tenant has received a five-year County Court injunction after causing utter misery for their neighbours in a Crewe cul-de-sac. Wulvern Housing secured the injunction for threatening, violent and abusive behaviour, drug and alcohol misuse, noise nuisance and damage to property in Eadie Grove. This behaviour had a huge impact on residents living in the
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What is Selective Licensing in the private rented sector?

14 September, 20160 Comments
Under the Housing Act 2004, local authorities currently have powers to introduce selective licensing of privately rented homes to address problems in their area, or any part of them, caused by one or more of the following conditions: low housing demand (or is likely to become such an area) a significant and persistent problem caused by
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