Right to Rent: Almost a fifth of landlords less likely to let to let to EU nationals

11 September, 20170 Comments
According to a recent survey, almost a fifth of private landlords say they are now less likely to let to EU nationals or individuals from the European Economic Area as a result of the immigration checks they are now expected to make via Right to Rent. Confusion over how landlords will be expected to identify
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Rental prices to increase as landlords adapt to changes

03 January, 20170 Comments
It is likely that rental prices will rise as a result of private rented sector landlords adapting to changes that were implemented by the Government this year. Changes have been made to stamp duty, immigration checks have to be carried out, tax changes are on the way and lending conditions have been tightened and that
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Couples – Where can you afford to buy in England and Wales?

15 January, 20160 Comments
Just where – if anywhere – can you afford to buy in England and Wales? The Telegraph has created a map of the UK where you can work out how affordable each local authority is to buy a house as a couple .As unsurprisingly, many more areas are accessible when sharing the burden between two people.
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Professional tenants living in Houses in Multiple Occupation are able to save over £1,600 more a year than those renting alone

07 September, 20150 Comments
Professional tenants are able to save £134 more a month by sharing in a House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) rather than renting a one bedroom flat alone, according to new research from Platinum Property Partners (PPP), the specialist buy-to-let
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The Bank’s director says that property costs should be determined by market conditions

07 July, 20140 Comments
The Bank of England cannot curb rapidly rising house prices and will not attempt to do so, the institution’s new director of financial stability has said. Spencer Dale, who was appointed on June 1 after six years as the Bank’s chief economist, told the Mail on Sunday that house prices will be “determined by the
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Want a mortgage? Don’t eat steak!

12 May, 20140 Comments
It emerged last night that mortgage applicants are being asked ‘Spanish inquisition’ style questions, including whether they play golf or eat steak. Some interviews have lasted up to 3 hours where applicants have been quizzed over the price of haircuts, their plans for more children and even their hopes of a pay rise. These questions
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Lifestyle quiz to secure a mortgage comes into force today

26 April, 20140 Comments
From today, new rules come into force that mean borrowers across the EU will be refused a mortgage if they fail a standard affordability assessment. According the the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) the Mortgage Market Review (MMR) will ‘put common sense at the heart of the mortgage market and prevent borrowers ending up with a
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