Somerset Property Network gathers speed; 50+ members in just 1 week!

Somerset Property Network gathers speed; 50+ members in just 1 week!

We are very pleased to announce that the Somerset Property Network is gathering speed; in just 1 week we have united 52 members already!

Started up last Tuesday, it is a group for competent landlords across Somerset who are concerned about the forthcoming North Somerset selective licensing scheme. As one loud voice and not lots of little voices, Somerset landlords can be heard alot better. And once we reach 100 members strong we can begin to challenge the Council as a united stronghold over landlord issues in the future. Uniting will also give Somerset landlords better tenants, a stronger community and a better town with better neighbourhoods.

This is a really positive step for landlords right across Somerset, considering the Selective Licensing Consultation Summary Report (2nd June 2016) only had 40 affected landlords actually respond!

So if you are in agreement that you do not need the Council to tell you how to run your own business and want to challenge them over future Somerset private renting issues simply CLICK HERE to join the Somerset Property Network today.

If you don’t use facebook (dont worry!) you can CLICK HERE to subscribe to our mailing list and keep up to date with all the latest Somerset Property Network News and Future Events.

Got something to say? Please click here to get involved in our live discussion forum now!


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