Social Referencing protects victims of anti-social behaviour

Social Referencing protects victims of anti-social behaviour

NO to anti-social behaviour.

The Chartered Institute of Housing have recently warned that proposed amendments to The Anti-social Behaviour Crime & Policing Bill could have catastrophic results for the victims – however Landlord Referencing Services can counteract this through the power of social referencing.

The year ending December 2012 saw over 2.3 million incidents of anti-social behaviour recorded by police in England and Wales; which is equivalent to around 6,300 incidents each day! And so far this year LRS has seen thousands of anti-social tenant histories uploaded via our unique Real Time Referencing model.

The CIH have written to the House of Lords committee (who are considering the Bill) to highlight its concerns about the proposed changes to the Injunction to Prevent Nuisance and Annoyance (IPNA), which will replace the Anti-social Behaviour Injunction (ASBI)  when the legislation becomes law.

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Once this is law it would mean that organisations applying for an injunction would have to prove beyond reasonable doubt that the subject’s behaviour had caused, or was likely to cause, harassment, alarm or distress. The CIH fears that this would be very difficult to do without victims providing evidence first hand and therefore would be “impossible” to protect the victims who’s cases had involved fear and intimidation.

The CIH also warn that is would make it more difficult and costly for landlords to tackle anti-social behaviour and could increase homelessness.

There is, however, a way that this can be counteracted – simply by joining Landlord Referencing Services.

Landlords and Letting Agents can upload anti-social/nuisance tenants onto the LRS database legally, which will be held on file for 6 years, and can warn every landlord and letting agent in the country about their previous behaviour. This also aids communities who do not want anti-social neighbours moving in next door to them.

The best part about the system is that the identities of both landlords and tenants are protected – as a tenants sensitive details are never passed on (just their last landlords details) and if a tenant requests their personal LRS file the identity of the landlord will also be protected.

Furthermore, there is no margin for fraudulent tenant uploads to take place, because the LRS database is manually data controlled ; meaning that all landlords and agents are fully vetted and must make an activation payment (minimum £7) in order to use the system.

The Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Bill continues committee stage, the first chance for line by line scrutiny, in the Lords on Monday 18 November 2013.

So we throw out this offer to the Government and all local authorities in this country; stop trying to re-invent the wheel and stop wasting public money – just pick up the telephone (dial 01934 645 237) and find out how a system has been working safely with landlords, letting agents and tenants for nearly 4 years – in creating better communities and neighbourhoods for all.


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