Social referencing at LRS stops illegal immigrants

Social referencing at LRS stops illegal immigrants

passportAlmost 2 million buy-to-let property owners will be legally responsible for ensuring that they only let properties to people allowed to be in Britain under new immigration laws to be announced in today’s Queen’s Speech – with fines running into the thousands for those breaking the law.

The Immigration Bill will also limit the ability of European immigrants to claim benefits and ensure that the right to reside in Britain on the basis of family commitments is not abused by criminals.

Temporary migrants will also be charged for using the NHS and only those who have lived in an area for at least two years will qualify for social housing.

For the past 3 years Landlord Referencing Services has been just that – the gate-keepers to all of our communities – and we therefore embrace the Government’s realisation that landlords are the key to keeping all of our communities free from anti-social behaviour and criminal activity, as well as controlling immigration.

The April 2013 Tenant Alert Statistics (exclusively recorded at LRS) reveal £130,000+ in rent defaults and property damages, uploaded via the LRS community.

Also, recent statistics show (in England & Wales) that overall drug use is most common in private rented accommodation – especially in flats and/or maisonettes.

Therefore, we call on all Landlords and Letting Agents in England, Wales and Scotland to join (<<click to join) the Landlord Referencing system today, in order to ensure that they only let property to those that are permitted to reside in Britain, as well as protecting themselves from bad tenants, and their good tenants from bad neighbours.


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Landlord Referencing Services can offer membership, tenant alerts, document downloads, recommended property services advice & support completely “free”.

The Queen’s Speech, which sets out the legislative programme for the next year, is expected to contain more than a dozen parliamentary Bills. Measures to reform the state pension, cap the costs of long-term care, rehabilitate criminals and reduce regulations on business will be outlined. A National Insurance Contributions Bill will cut the cost of the tax for smaller firms taking on employees, and a Consumer Rights Bill will improve the rights of online shoppers.

So why not help yourself, your community, your best tenants AND the future of the private rented sector by joining our unique system today?

“If we don’t let them into our properties they cannot set roots into our communities, and without roots they cannot flourish”.

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  1. This is what we all need, every landlord has both the time and expertise to examine immigration papers of all those who have been successful in evading the Border Control Agency and other officials. Not that any would think of producing false documents because all landlords have enfettered access to government data and can so easily check their validity. For all those who are from different countries, beware, I have the ability to read any document written in English. Anybody remember the Irish police phoning their Polish counter-parts because having been stopped several timrs one driver had many different addresses. The Polish politely advised that the driver’s declared name was Polish for ‘driving licence’

  2. Excellent idea, we live in an ever changing world this new legislation will help us to know who is living in our communities and may go someway in helping residents to feel a little more secure. We simply cannot disregard our own responsibility in keeping our streets safe instead of expecting the government and other people to do it for us.

  3. The prospect of more big fines for making a mistake does not enthrall me. LL are being put in the same position as airlines who largely do the passport checks on behalf of the government and are given big penalties if they make a mistake. I stopped taking deposits when deposit regulation came into force now it looks as if I will have to stop taking all foreigners if I am to be sure of avoiding government penalties. Then I will fall foul of discrimination regulations.

    It’s fun being a landlord.

  4. Could you suggest the correct wording on a property application form to cover this new policy
    If they are working I always get an employer reference and NIC number but I feel I need to add more weight behind my applications forms to make make I do not get caught out in any way.

  5. In principal I agree with any preventative measures to ensure we get good tenants – however, this is surely a scam move by the government to “employ” landlords as unpaid immigration officers. If these people did their job correctly and efficiently and the Deportation system worked as it should there would be no requirement for such a draconian move – in effect landlords will be penalised for inefficient immigration laws. Not fair!!!