Social landlord starts key amnesty to battle housing fraud

Social landlord starts key amnesty to battle housing fraud

Phoenix Community Housing in Lewisham, who have 5,500 properties, have given their illegally subletting tenants until early July to be honest and upfront, without fear of legal action.

Those that are found guilty of unauthorised subletting could face up to 2 years’ imprisonment and/or a fine of up to £5,000.

Chief executive Jim Ripley said:

“There’s a desperate shortage of social housing in Lewisham, in London and across the country. We have a duty to ensure that our properties are being occupied by genuine tenants.

“Illegal subletting is not only a fraudulent way of making a profit, it also prevents families with housing need from enjoying a good quality home.

“I hope those who are letting their properties without permission will now do the right thing and hand back their keys. We won’t hesitate to take legal action if they don’t. I also hope other residents will support our efforts to tackle housing fraud and get in touch if they suspect any of their neighbours aren’t genuine tenants.”

This latest news raises the important point of Social Landlords joining Landlord Referencing Services.


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