Scrooge Government housing policy for a quarter of a million renters = Ho Ho Ho, you’re homeless!

Scrooge Government housing policy for a quarter of a million renters = Ho Ho Ho, you’re homeless!


Nobody wants to spend Christmas in a strange place without their own things around them, but that’s the situation many renters are finding themselves in this year.

1191 families in Bristol will be spending their Christmas in temporary accommodation; Wiltshire = 498, Gloucestershire = 156, Somerset = 148 and Bath = 26.


Families like these aren’t the only ones who are in this position, as recent figures released by housing charity Shelter show us that circa. 255,000 people have no permanent home right across the UK.

But with a lending crackdown and a massive tax hike due via Section 24 from April 2017, many landlords are beginning to sell up as they are finding themselves in loss instead of profit.

One of our live discussions in our online forums highlights the problem landlords are currently facing, who are sick of being vilified for the Governments careless interference into the UK’s private rented sector:

Bristol Landlord said: ‘Ironically, Paul I think you right because today the BBC West have posted that 2000 families who rent cannot now find a home to rent in Bristol within a price range they can afford.  What this mob do not understand is that as landlords leave in droves they create more of a shortage of rental stock which is putting the price up and for those that cannot afford to buy they are becoming homeless daily.

What sort of government do we have that does not realise that the more pressure they apply to landlords will create a shortage of rental stock and those who need to rent will simply be priced out of the rental market?!

It beggars belief that these people run our country what f###ing chance do we have?!’

Paul Routledge, CEO of Tenant Referencing UK, replied: ‘I just sold 13 fantastic flats that were rented out to great tenants for over 8 years, only two were bought by investors (Who immediately showed they did not understand the requirements of them as a landlord and also increased the rents) and the rest were bought by individuals. The government will say that’s great because 11 more people own a home and to that I reply “but 11 people who could not buy and who relied on a professional landlord with fair rents are now homeless, paying increased rents elsewhere and/or living in a lesser quality home” these know it all (never been a landlord politicians) need to see the big picture and not the inside of the bubble world they all live in.

This government needs private sector investment to help house the population of this country but this lot do not entice investors to invest they just pour more and more legislative salt and taxes on landlords every day and expect us to take it. Well, Mr Barwell Housing Minister, you can shove your dictatorial oppressive money grabbing housing policies where the sun don’t shine, cos me and all me mates are selling up and leaving you to work out what you are going to do with all the homeless families wandering the streets, I say “GOOD JOB DONE SON”.’

Landlords, how do you feel about this? Please click here and get involved in the live discussion now!

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