Rise of Online Lettings – What Are You Actually Paying For?

Rise of Online Lettings – What Are You Actually Paying For?

After attending the NLA & Birmingham City Council Landlords Forum on the 10th March and The South West’s Biggest Landlord Expo yesterday, we’d like to ask those of you who use online letting agents: what are you actually getting for your money?

With the likes of Openrent, Purple Bricks, Rentify, Upad and LettingaProperty.com all offering complete online letting solutions for UK landlords at rock bottom prices, the question is: are they offering you rock bottom tenant referencing services?

This is where online letting agents are totally failing the lettings industry.

Your buy to let property is your one of your most important assets, if not THE most important, so you need to be able to trust that your agent is doing their utmost to find you the best tenants to live there. But if your agent doesn’t do their own tenant referencing in-house or even if they do, if they don’t network reference with other landlords how can you be completely sure that you are fully protected from bad tenants further down the road?

At Tenant Referencing UK we are not an online letting company, we are a tenant referencing company with added extras that our members have requested over the years; now making us the ultimate ‘one stop shop’ for landlords. Plus we are the only company that can offer you unique applicant Tenant History Reports free as standard with an Equifax Financial Report.

So after 7 years of trying to get landlords and letting agents to realise the importance of our ‘Lifestyle’ Tenant History Reports, landlords are finally beginning to question the quality of their referencing reports, in the wake of this exclusive LRS story: Precedent set as letting agent loses referencing court case – click here to read in full.

At Tenant referencing UK we are committed to giving you a better service at a better price.

Having just launched our lettings service TR Lettings, just have a look at this price comparison:




























So now you can see the extensive referencing processes we go through, where our references take (on average) between an hour to an hour and a quarter to complete (dependant on how quickly the applicant takes to reply), now ask yourself: how can they offer the same quality of reference for just £20?! Because if you really think about it; that £20 they’re offering you is a resale, so they’re actually buying these ‘references’ at a cheaper rate too!

None of us know everything, so being able to find out whether a tenant has a good or bad rental history is paramount to successful buy-to-let investment in this day and age. So when you use TR Lettings to market your property you can be safe in the knowledge that they’re finding you the most suitable tenants for your property, at the most competitive price on the market today.

Without proper tenant referencing protocols firmly in place you would have more luck going into a casino and putting all your money on red or black, instead of investing into property! Join us today and start real-time network referencing with over 25,000 fellow UK landlords now.

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