Right to Rent ‘not working’ as it creates a climate of fear amongst UK landlords

Right to Rent ‘not working’ as it creates a climate of fear amongst UK landlords

A new survey has revealed that Right to Rent checks are not working, as more and more landlords become reluctant to rent to those without British passports.

The paper by the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants (JCWI) shows that the Government’s crackdown on illegal immigrants is creating a climate of fear amongst landlords, therefore is calling on the government to abandon the scheme ASAP.

Landlords are now fearful of being heavily fined or even imprisoned if they fail to fully comply with the Right to Rent scheme, which requires them to check prospective tenant’s immigration status and refuse accommodation to those without the ‘right to rent’ in the UK.

JCWI’s research suggests that landlords who have no wish to discriminate are being forced to do so by the scheme – with people who have a full right to rent a home in the UK being disadvantaged, along with others who should be able to access housing.

It claims the scheme creates ‘structural incentives’ for landlords to discriminate unlawfully against foreigners and ethnic minorities.

This means that in some cases landlords are now being pushed into choosing tenants who feel like a ‘safer bet’ because they hold a British passport, despite the fact that 17% of British citizens do not hold a valid passport.

Court delays when evicting tenants are costing landlords thousands of pounds, so it’s really important to choose the best tenant from the outset based on their financial status, affordability and tenant history rather than on a whim that they’re a ‘safe bet.’

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