Retiring or Expanding? Where is the best place to Buy and Sell Investment Property.

Retiring or Expanding? Where is the best place to Buy and Sell Investment Property.

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Where to get the Right Yield & Buy Your Investment Property at the Right Price.

As a landlord and property investor/developer for over 25 years I have seen the industry change year after year. A few of the changes I have seen have been beneficial to landlords but the majority have been to their detriment and have made them open to abuse by unscrupulous tenants.  Some of the laws brought in to protect tenants have quite simply been preposterous and ill thought out and have divided tenants and landlords by putting unnecessary legal pressure into a private agreement/contract between two adult and perfectly able parties.  These laws have created a gateway that allows one party in such a contract to swindle the other party without recourse.

I have taken a close look at what I think will be the future of letting property in the UK over the past years and recently came to the conclusion that although I will probably keep a few individual properties I think my viewpoint for the future of the property industry in this country differs from the politicians that are making our laws and not what I invested into property for, sometime when something changes that much one needs to consider whether it is still what we want to do. I have no wish anymore to be treated as an outlaw simply because I rent out property to provide people with a home and I do not wish to be used as a scape goat by wishy washy politicians who think landlords are an easy target to get votes and will do and say anything to get into power.  I do not want to see my hard earned gains bank roll the austerity policies of this government, nor do I wish to be the constant charitable benefactor to tenants who smoke, drink or take drugs as a priority over paying their bills and especially my rent.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I do not disregard property investment as a safe investment, on the contrary there will always be money in property in this Country and with prices rising and bank rates so low a 6% yield + year on year capital growth on a good quality property is a very sound investment and if I was a few years younger I would be jumping in with both feet, but I feel that it is time for the new boys and girls on the block to take the baton.  They will embrace the new legislations and work with them but, for us old timers; it is time to hand in the towel and go fishing.  With all of the reasons above in mind and the fact that my knees hurt more each day and now in the mornings my Dad seems to be looking back at me in the mirror surely, after 40 years of supporting the tax man, it must be time to play a bit of golf and just do a bit of well-earned chillaxing.

So, having made my choice, I decided to start to sell off my portfolio slowly and discretely and looked around at the best way to do it. Quite simply, there did not seem to be a company that specialised or had the experience in selling tenanted property on a yield basis with tenants in situ.

It is imperative to me to keep my tenants informed as to what I am doing and work with them to keep them happy, after all, I was selling their homes.  I have some great tenants who like their households so I do not want them to leave while I took time cautiously to sell the property (their homes) and I did not want a local agent who could only advertise it on Rightmove or Zoopla to simply advertise it at a large commission and hope for the best.

We all know that selling tenanted property is almost an art in balancing the human emotions of concerned tenants and the strangers viewing the property.  Some vendors and purchasers can be very insensitive to the fact that they are walking around someone else’s home.. So! What I needed was a national portal that I could offer my Investment properties for sale to 100’s of 1000’s of investors on one national website, I needed my property to be seen by investors right across the UK and not just those who stumble upon them in the local rag looking for a quick bargain or slightly iffy cash deal.

Where do landlords who legitimately want to retire or expand their portfolios go to look for 1000’s of good yield based investment properties and all in one place? Where could they all buy and sell their properties together at a reasonable cost and where the yield could be seen from the outset?  Imagine a simple portal where buyers and sellers could buy and sell their investment properties at the RIGHT YIELD themselves for as little as £150 as a private treaty sale.

Today, in partnership and as a joint venture with and in conjunction with our web site users of up to 150,000 each month, (73,962 at LRS alone last month) we can offer property investors the opportunity to buy and sell investment property together on for just £149.

The website is new and we want it to grow together.  We already have people starting to upload but we have lots of buyers and need more investment property.  As I have said, we have 1000’s of potential investors looking for property every day and I myself completed a refurbishment last week, I advertised it on Wednesday of last week for £49 along with some others through our partners Rybec Homes and sold it on Saturday, only 3 days later, for £165,000 so, if you want to sell your property, I know we can help.  As an introduction offer from and we will offer the first 100 advertisers the opportunity to advertise their property for sale to over 150,000 real property investors every month for just £49 because we will give you a £100 gift coupon.

(Just click here to get your free £100 gift coupon today) or email me on and I will call you to help you through the process or discuss you sale..

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Author: Paul Routledge

Founder of Tenant 2014, in June 2010, 1999



  1. Hi, the comments made regarding respecting a tenant whilst selling an investment property match my requirements exactly and I wonder if you can help? I have a long term assured, problem free, tenant who is happy for me to sell if he can stay put. Sadly, I need to sell so can you advise how possible this is? I have a five year old, virtually maintenance free, three storey house in the Telford, Shropshire area, recently valued, including tenant, at 10,000 pounds less than purchase price three years ago, (170,000) Is there any demand for such a property please.

    • Good Morning EJW

      Take a look at, which is powered by & .

      RightYieldUK was created by landlords for landlords to provide a market place for investment properties where yield is paramount.

      It’s detailed search allows you to source niche investments from tenanted properties to HMO’s, creating a bespoke solution for investors looking to sell and those looking to buy.