Renovating a Buy to Let Property? Here are the DIY Jobs You MUST Do…

Renovating a Buy to Let Property? Here are the DIY Jobs You MUST Do…

Have you purchased a buy to let property? Lots of people are doing so, but not everyone is so good at maintaining their investment! Here are the key DIY jobs you need to do to ensure that the property is in tip-top condition, and that your tenants are kept safe too…

Address the damp

Damp and mould can cause serious health issues for your tenants, triggering respiratory infections, allergic reactions and asthma attacks. So, it’s really important you take responsibility for identifying the cause of damp (if you find any), and damp-proofing the property for the future. Fix leaking pipes and ensure that rainwater can’t seep in through the roof or windows.

Treat rotting window sills

You should also clean, treat and fill rotting window sills to ensure that the mildew doesn’t worsen. If you don’t address it, it could lead to you having to replace the entire window!

Clear the drains and gutters

While it will be your tenants’ responsibility once they’ve moved in, you should clear the drains and gutters of leaves and debris when you first buy the property. This will prevent flooding occurring (which could cost you lots of money to set right). But, make sure that the tenancy agreement you draw up emphasises that clearing the drains and gutters is something your tenants will need to maintain while they’re living there!

Descale central heating system

Lime scale can build up in the central heating system and boiler, so descale it to save you the hassle and expense of having to replace the whole thing! Of course, it might inevitably need upgrading at some point, but it’s a relatively easy DIY job if you’d prefer to go down the ‘make do and mend’ route first.

Mend damage roof tiles

Damaged roof tiles can cause flooding in your property, which over time (or under a period of heavy rainfall) could lead to damp in the house, or worse, the entire roof collapsing! This is a very costly thing to fix, and it’s also a serious hazard for the tenants living in your property. So, replace tiles as soon as you notice there’s a problem.

Insulate piping

Over the winter months, temperatures can sometimes become very cold in the UK – particularly in rural areas. But, because you can’t force your tenants to turn the heating up all winter (it’s expensive after all!), it would be a good idea to insulate your piping. This will prevent water from freezing in the pipes and causing the pipes to burst as they swell, saving you the headache and cost of flooding!

Tighten things up

Tweak things that are quick jobs now but costlier if you have to pop round to the property later on. For instance, replace the washers on dripping taps, and make sure doors are hung properly. Interior doors should close smoothly and not cause drafts in rooms, so refit them if necessary. You can buy interior doors from Kens Yard where there’s a large range on offer, and you’ll find inexpensive models if you’re worried about your tenants doing any damage to the doors.


Finally, address the cosmetic details. Paint the walls in neutral colours (white is a fashionable trend right now and more appealing than boring beige walls!), and fit cream carpets or laminate flooring to keep the décor fresh and neutral; it will help prospective tenants to visualise their belongings in your buy to let property!

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