Remodelling Office Space and making it Employee Friendly

Remodelling Office Space and making it Employee Friendly

An office is a place where employees spend most of the day and are expected to bring out constructive ideas for the company. But stuffing employees in a small place with dark walls and no concept will not only discourage the employees to continue working with your organisation but will attract people who are laid back. The building of the building, interiors and proper machinery is essential so that the employees focus more on work and have negligible distractions. These days there are many concepts that make the office space employee friendly, spacious and make them loyal to the company. Here are some of the factors that make the official space professional yet accommodating:


  • Peaceful Pantry: Food affects the mood of a person, and it should be done at a cool, relaxing and peaceful space where colleagues can eat and take a break from work. Avoid installing CCTV camera in the pantry and make use of subtle colours to make it look nourishing, subtle and positive. Make sure it has proper air conditioning, microwave, utensils and kitchen utensils. You can check out for discounts on kitchen utensils.
  • Entertainment Section: You can have a separate room as a play section where employees can play table tennis or scrabble or carom after lunch or tea break. This will help them to take a break from their gruelling schedule and give a break to your hyperactive brain.
  • Crèche for infants: One of the innovative ways to retain woman employees is by creating a nursery where they can keep their children and visit from time to time. Motherhood leads to the end of the career of many female employees or if they start working after maternity leave they cannot focus. So keep them focussed having a crèche is the best investment one can make as an employer. It will also enhance your image as the responsible boss of the company.
  • Space for Nature Walk: Having a small terrace garden or pathway to walk and just be in nature can also be a smart decision. Seldom one gets bored sitting in a cubicle and needs some privacy to think out of the box. Being in open space and fresh air will help them to relax and think with a new perspective. At times being alone in nature helps to generate fresh ideas and ponder over pros and cons.
  • Fitness Section: Today’s youth is fitness driven. They want to balance wealth and health at the same time. So, you can have a small gym or a studio where meditation and yoga classes can be started regularly. It will help them to relax their mind and stay fit even in their sedentary lifestyle.


Whether you have your own office space or rented; proper utilisation of the space is important and creating a work place that is conducive, engaging and inspiring is more important. It will not only help to create a brand of the company but will also help to retain employees.

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