Referencing failed half way through / Right to Rent clarification

Referencing failed half way through / Right to Rent clarification

Dear Samii

If my reference fails half way through do I get my money back?

Samii says

If you have opted for one of our referencing packages that comes with rent guarantee insurance, then you will receive a refund on the RGI product if the referencing fails half way through. However, if the applicant tenant fails half way through the referencing process we have done our job in providing you with proof that for, whatever reason, the tenant is unsuitable for your property and therefore cannot issue a refund on a completed reference report.

For example if you were doing your driving test and you failed half way through, would you get your money back?…!

Dear Samii

I’ve read in the RLA magazine that the actual Right to Rent ID checks can only be carried out by a landlord or their agent, so how can you offer Right to Rent checks via Jumio and Netverify?

Samii says uses Jumio to seamlessly validate the IDs of potential tenants via our unique tenant referencing platform, to provide added security for both tenants and agents. The legislation requires that all landlords and letting agents verify their tenant’s identity, making sure they hold an authentic, un-manipulated, government-issued ID. At Tenant Referencing UK we are able to perform quick and simple checks through the Jumio Netverify portal to verify your applicant tenant’s identity. However, once these checks have been carried out it is the landlord or agents job to actually verify the documents face to face with each individual tenant.

This is where the Tenant Referencing UK Identity Verification Archive comes into play, where landlords or agent members can refer back to it at any time; so that they can prove they’ve showed due diligence and followed the relevant identity checks of the Right to Rent Act.

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Author: SamiiB-P