Real Time Referencing Service Update

Real Time Referencing Service Update

As of today we are decommissioning our unique Tenant Alert service due to system updates.

Tenant Alerts were created exclusively at Tenant Referencing UK seven years ago, to warn landlords/agents about tenants who were on the move after leaving their last tenancy with excessive rent arrears and/or damages.

Some landlord and agent members were also trying to reference tenants primarily through the Tenant Alert Directory, which is an extremely foolhardy practice. This is because Tenant Alerts can’t tell you about the financial history of the tenant, their affordability status or whether they have the right to reside in the UK either.

For these reasons the Tenant Alert Directory has now become obsolete, as every tenant that is referenced through our system has a Tenant History created for them automatically, so there’s no need to worry about missing an important tenant alert anymore.

Don’t forget, Tenant Referencing UK is the only UK referencing company that provides its landlords and agent members with their applicant Tenants History Report FREE as standard with their Equifax Financial Report. And that’s the beauty of using Landlord Referencing; network referencing in ‘real-time’ with over 30,000 fellow UK landlords and letting agents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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