Property damage recovery – Are you prepared?

Property damage recovery – Are you prepared?

Being a landlord or letting agent is generally a stressful job in itself, but can be made even worse in times of crisis.

(God forbid) if any of the following scenario’s took place, would you want the hassle of dealing with insurers?… There is nothing that can prepare you for the devastation caused when your home or business is seriously affected by the likes of;

Residential Fire Damage

Unfortunately fire is not an uncommon event and even small fires can create a significant amount of damage, leaving a property uninhabitable.

A combination of heat and pressure forces smoke and an acrid smell to penetrate through cracks in walls and floorboards. Once the fire has died the building begins to cool and the smoke gets trapped. Carbon deposits must be completely eradicated before redecoration can take place. Never underrate the power of soot. If it is not treated correctly then it will attack and destroy all wiring and electronic components. Furthermore, redecoration work cannot be successfully completed without the removal or neutralisation of these carbon deposits.

Landlords are specifically required to carry out a check to ensure that smoke alarms or carbon monoxide alarms installed, to comply with the Regulations, are in proper working order on the day a tenancy begins where it is a new tenancy. A new tenancy is a tenancy granted on or after 1st October 2015.
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Residential Flood & Burst Pipe Damage

Flood and water damage can have a large variety of causes including flash floods, burst pipes, leakage and excessive rain fall. However the correct management of the drying and repair process is essential.

Damage resulting from water is progressive. The longer the water flows or wet conditions exist, the more is absorbed and the greater is the recovery problem. Merely stopping the source of the incoming water does not stop further water damage, though it is an obvious critical first step.

Flood and water damage can destroy carpets, flooring, ceilings, paint, and plaster and even harm the structural integrity of your home. Of even more concern is the break out of mould which can be toxic and have serious health effects if left unattended.

The floods of 2015 / 16 in Cumbria were probably the worst the UK has seen in years with three storms battering the UK in a very short space of time. Please click here for a case study on floods / water damage in Cumbria 2015 / 2016.

Residential Impact Damage

Impact damage to Commercial buildings is more common than you may think. Cars often lose control and crash into shops or buildings, Lorries can easily catch premises while turning, causing large amounts of damage. It is vital that a structural Engineer attends to check the integrity of the building and to make sure it is safe.

Impact damage can destroy anything, from carpets, flooring, ceilings, paint, and plaster and even harm the structural integrity of your home. It may seem to the untrained eye that no external damage is visible; however it is always necessary to have the property inspected by a professional to ensure nothing is overlooked.

Residential Storm Damage

Storms often cause serious damage to homes. Storms can cause a huge amount of damage from fallen roof tiles to trees, and other debris being uprooted and impacting the building.

Buildings insurance policies usually cover storm damage, however it can be difficult for a policy holder to claim for storm damage as insurance companies often send their representatives to determine the cause of the damage and they often make the wrong judgement.

Whatever the damage, optimising your claim and getting it ready for the next, or existing tenant is paramount.

So how can you guard yourself from the stress left in the aftermath of such disasters?
Would you really have the time or the inclination to deal with the hassle of contacting your insurers?…

Hopefully you’ll never need to use a loss assessor. However, should your rental property suffer any form of incident mentioned above our colleagues at Landlord Assist are here to help.

Their expert team of loss assessors are a perfect addition to the 9 point referencing available at Tenant Referencing UK and RGI and Legal Expenses Insurance from RentSafeUK – offering complete protection for proactive landlords across the UK.

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