Property Auction Watch | Part of Really Useful Maps

Property Auction Watch | Part of Really Useful Maps

Property Auction Watch is a weekly online publication featuring 100’s of Properties (Residential & Commercial) and Land offered for sale by the Country’s leading Auctioneers. Published a week in advance each Monday it provides details of Auction Properties in both Map and downloadable List/Spreadsheet format. Primarily aimed at Property Developers, Buy to Let Landlords, Estate Agents, Builders and of course anyone who is considering purchasing a property.

Despite recent legislation the industry still offers viable opportunities for both Landlords and Property Developers, with purchasing at Auction remaining a firm favourite with such investors. More and more individuals and businesses are becoming attracted to this type of investment; it is estimated that there are over 1.75 million Private Landlords in the UK (Source: HM Revenue & Customs) and the figure is rising. In addition 1 in 5 Households live in privately rented accommodation (Source: Paragon Group) and this figure is highly likely increase to 1 in 4 by 2021.

For property professionals this product should prove to be an invaluable easy to use reference tool, which shall save you the time of investigating all the Auctioneers websites (we’ve done it for you), help you identify bargains, spot new opportunities, compare rents, detect trends and generally provide you with the big picture in all that is happening. The spreadsheet with its sort and sub sort capabilities will allow you to list properties in various ways i.e. by property type, price, postcode/region etc. enabling you to structure the data in ways to suit your individual needs and analytical preferences. Helping you to make the right decisions this product offers excellent value for money costing just 45p per week and we even offer a free lite version, so if there is nothing of interest in any particular week you need not purchase the premium edition. There is also no signing up, subscription purchasing or similar; you simply buy as and when you want to.

Property Auction Watch is part of Really Useful Maps (a portfolio of maps which covers various subjects and topics of benefit to both businesses and the public). Take a look at our website; Property Auction Watch is the 2nd Map on the list:

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