Pro-active Letting Agent saves Landlord £1,990 !

Pro-active Letting Agent saves Landlord £1,990 !

Why would a letting agent want to join Landlord Referencing Services?


Why would your clients want to join Landlord Referencing Services?


This week a fantastic Letting Agent, who is a long-standing member of LRS, carried out a Lifestyle Tenant Reference Search on a potential tenant.

Within 1 hour of that tenants details being entered into the system LRS was able to alert Home Rentals (Leeds) Ltd to the fact that this tenant had left their previous private landlord with £990 rent arrears and £1,000 in property damages.

LRS was then able to put them in touch with the previous landlord of this tenant, to discuss the situation further.

  • What did it cost Home Rentals (Leeds) Ltd to carry out this tenant search? Absolutely nothing.
  • What did it cost the private landlord to upload this tenant? Absolutely nothing.

There are so many stories in the main stream media regarding ‘Rogue’ Letting Agents at the moment.

So for the many thousands of great letting agents out there what could be better than using our free and unique Lifestyle Referencing Service, to provide their landlord clients with an extra safeguard against rogue tenants, as well as protecting their existing tenants from bad neighbours???

Letting Agents who support Landlord Referencing Services via sponsorship, in order to keep all services free.

Not only can landlords and agents use our national database to reference a new applicant tenant, to ensure that they do not let to a notoriously problematic tenant, but Lifestyle Tenant Referencing is also acting as a deterrent to tenants; as once they find out that the LRS system is in place (more often than not) have reconsidered their actions and decided against leaving on bad terms in the first place.

Furthermore, no other system (to-date) can provide landlords and letting agents with details of rent arrears and damage direct from their previous landlord, as well as our unique Tenant Alerts.

And best of all; all of our Lifestyle Tenant Referencing products are completely free to use!

So click here to join the largest, busiest and (above all) safest Lifestyle Tenant Referencing Service in the UK, and wave goodbye to rent arrears and property damages.

Fully compliant and regulated with the ICO.

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  1. Nice to hear of a good result for the Landlord, many Letting agents simply sit on their hands if all goes wrong and let bad tenants move into the next property with no referencing being done by the Rogue agents, only the Landlord suffers in the long term.