Poor management results in flea infested property!

Poor management results in flea infested property!

Letting Agents with poor management skills have forced a Landlord Referencing member to set up their own letting company; due to their property being completely trashed and infested with fleas!

The main reason for the following photos are due to poor management skills by a residential letting agent, who

  • did not visit the property on the request of the landlord
  • had a lack of knowledge of when they could and couldn’t visit the property
  • had a lack of advice on previous scenarios
  • were generally unhelpful.

The tenants change in situation, whereby they were made redundant, also played a part in the disrepair of the property.

As a result of this scenario the private landlord was forced to become clued up very quickly on eviction notices, legal requirements, etc – which is what they thought they were paying their letting agents to do, but from the following photos this clearly was not the case. Lib Dems likely to call for licensing of all LA’s & LL’s.

Also, as a result of this the landlord is now in the process of starting up their own letting management business.

CPGLettings plan to offer a service that will be extremely helpful and willing to advise landlords, as well as having the required knowledge to do so and (above all) safeguard a landlords property as much as they possibly can.




(The landlord says that these photo’s ‘don’t really do justice to the state that the carpet was left in, the odious smell of cat and dog urine and the fact that it was riddled with fleas!’)

As an extra safeguard cpglettings.co.uk use and highly recommend Landlord Referencing Services; having uploaded these particular tenants onto our unique ‘rogue tenant’ database.

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Original source of story; http://easylettings.wordpress.com/2012/08/15/thank-you-tenants-for-looking-after-my-propertysarcasm/

Thank you to @CPGLettings for allowing us to share his story.

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  1. An you say this site does NOT agent bash?

  2. It seems to me that doing what they are supposed to do reduces a LA profits.
    Therefore they do as little as they can.
    This is obviously at complete variance to the service that a LL pays for and expects.
    It just seems to me that the needs of a LA and a LL are diametrically opposed to eachother.
    I don’t ever see how a LA will ever operate in the best interests of the LL as it reduces his profits.
    Mind you don’t do a proper job and the LL would terminate the business relationship.
    If a LA propery managed things this would reduce the LA cost and therefore increase his profits.
    Seems lots of LA can’t be ar-ed to provide that service.
    Which to me seems counter-intuitive; but hey what do I know I am only a LL who now doesn’t use a normal LA for anything!!!