Police turn down networking as a way of stopping anti-social behaviour

Police turn down networking as a way of stopping anti-social behaviour


After a long awaited meeting with the Avon and Somerset Police Force and the Avon and Somerset Police and Crime Commissioner, LandlordReferencing.co.uk has received confirmation today from Sue Mountstevens via email that she “does not feel that Landlord Referencing is something that she can lend her support to” because she is “concerned that this scheme will not solve the underlying crime and ASB issues perpetrated by a minority of tenants.”

In light of the recent anti-social behavioral issues for landlords; e.g. selective licensing schemes, coupled with ever increasing legislation being implemented within the private rented sector the whole LRS team is completely gobsmacked by these statements from Ms. Mountstevens.

At the meeting everyone who attended agreed with the statement that 80% of those who actively participate in criminal activity, drug trafficking and anti-social behavior rent their homes and with renters set to dominate the next generation this would inevitably increase – if decisive action wasn’t taken.

Having been around for 4 years now LandlordReferencing.co.uk knows better than anyone that it is not a “minority of tenants” who are involved in anti-social and disruptive behaviour – our tenant alert and website statistics evidence that.

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Therefore Landlord and Letting Agents are going to have to prove to police forces and councils across the country that the LRS service is a much needed service in today’s society. They can do this simply by joining the network, which is completely free to do so and existing LRS members simply need to carry on spreading the word.

Samii, who attended the meeting, had this to say :

So the police will work with Neighbourhood Watch but refuse to work with the very people that house criminal and anti-social tenants? How does that make sense?! I actually voted for Sue Mountstevens because I believed that as an independent candidate she had her communities interests at heart instead of a political agenda. As a tax paying private renting tenant I have first hand experience of the anti-social behaviour problems that Weston-super-Mare is notorious for and, although I am biased because I work for LRS, as a PRS tenant I truly do not understand how Sue Mountstevens and her team cannot see the benefits of working with a proven deterrent of anti-social behaviour. What a waste of a vote in the Police and Crime Commissioner elections. *sigh*

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