Police cause £2,200 in damages in drugs raid on landlords property despite being offered a key
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Police cause £2,200 in damages in drugs raid on landlords property despite being offered a key

A West Midlands landlord has shared this story with us today and we find it shocking

Over 2 years ago the landlord became aware that there was drug activity taking place in one of his rented properties. He is a very responsible landlord and a good citizen and he contacted the local police to inform them. He offered to supply keys to the property so that they could enter but told to them he understood that they would not be able to in form him when they were going to property. The Police would not take the keys

Two weeks later the Police raided the property and found a stash of drugs hidden behind a gas fire, which has been tampered with,  in the lounge. The landlord said that he had always wondered why the fire was on even during the hot summer days but being respectful of his tenant had not commented.

When the raid took place the Police caused damages to the property which amounted to £2,200. The landlord made a claim for compensation but was told that under the Drugs Act the Police do not pay compensation for the damages that they cause – they do pay for raiding properties for other reasons.

The landlord was persistent and finally he was given a £200 ex gratia payment.

The Police often rely on intelligence from the community to help them to catch criminals and when a landlord has taken responsible action he should not be left to pay for damages caused by Police in addition to the damages that the tenants have already caused. This landlord helped the Police to take drug dealers offer the streets and make his community safer at a cost to himself of £2,000.


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