OUR Great British Property Scandal

OUR Great British Property Scandal

As the numbers of homelessness rises, today Channel 4 are launching a new season of programmes to find out “what really happens when you’re without a roof over your head and desperate.”

Now that the housing minister Grant Shapps wants local councils to sort their problems out by working with private landlords; John Snow, with a team of undercover reporters, returns to investigate the reality of life for people at “the mercy of private landlords, and finds families with young children sent by local authorities to live in filthy, bed bug-infested properties, while their rogue landlords make a fortune out of public money.”

In the first episode of this two-part series, George Clarke looks into the ethics of squatting and meets Emma and her young ­children – who have moved 10 times in 13 years… The Great British Property Scandal

At LandlordReferencing we constantly hear from many landlords who say that they no longer re-let their property & would prefer to keep it empty and wait for the market to return to sell it; because they have suffered through massive rent default, property damage and the cost of evictions.

In November, 2011 alone the Tenant Alert total was:
RENT DEFAULTS = £97,407.68
DAMAGES = £38,121.95
Equalling a MASSIVE £135,529.63!!!

If you take the amount above and multiply it by the amount of members we have versus the amount of landlords and letting agents we have in this country; the problem of damages and rent defaults has become epidemic.
Would Marks and Spencer’s continue to open every day if they experienced rioting and theft in their stores every day? I think not.

What we’d like to know is; who is investigating the thousands of good landlords out there who are at the mercy of rogue tenants, who consistently run up extortionate rent defaults and/or property damages???
AND, who is investigating the thousands of good tenants out there who are at the mercy of bad neighbours, who consistently try to spoil everything they strive for; in trying to achieve a comfortable and quiet life for themselves and their family???

Here at LandlordReferencing we are addressing these issues for all GOOD LANDLORDS, LETTING AGENTS & TENANTS out there.

As landlords ourselves we are adamant about wanting to provide security, peace and quiet for our tenants.
Lifestyle Referencing doesn’t just inform landlords about a rogue tenant heading their way, but also provides the opportunity for good tenants out there to obtain a good reference (who may have fallen on hard times & gotten themselves into debt; meaning that they now have a poor credit rating/reference/score) – as we believe that just because someone has a poor credit rating it doesn’t mean that they can’t pay their rent on time/look after a rented property.

So, as a good tenant, you can see that Lifestyle Network Referencing is not a form of black-list; it is a pro-active system designed to help give all tenants a better quality of neighbour; that they deserve, as well as pay for.

Has your life been affected by the standard of your neighbours? If you have a story about your bad neighbours and want to share it with LandlordReferencing, you can email us at samii@landlordreferencing.co.uk or simply leave it as a comment below.

Check out our positive reviews, where there is even one from a tenant who summed it all up in this sentence:
“I would be appalled if my landlord knew of a system like this and never joined it.”

We also think the title of tonight’s program is disgracefully misleading [Landlords From Hell] and has obviously been chosen to attract more viewers.
All we hear about from the media is “Rogue Landlords; Scourge of the Earth”. . .
If private landlords are the answer to the UK’s housing problems then shouldn’t the media be working with us instead of AGAINST US??
Newspapers are the biggest threat to the nation’s mental wellbeing…

Mahatma Gandhi Quote: We must become the change we want to see.”

Tenants in this country need to consider that their rental property is their home and thus they should treat it and make it so.
For far too long the ownus has been on the landlord to provide a tenant with accomodation which borders on a hotellier.
At LandlordReferencing.co.uk we appreciate that property must be of a good and habitable standard but we believe that alot of tenants in this country now truly believe thst it is a landlord duty to change the light bulb…!

Author: Media Team

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  1. Local councils do not work with private landlords. They can be as unscrupulous as some of the tenants they give housing benefit to.
    When tenants fail to pay their rent and one gives notice using all the proper courses and forms, the council then advises the tenant to stay put. This means taking out a Court order thus incurring more expense. Often the tenants owe money elsewhere too so there is little hope of reclaiming what they owe in rent arrears as well as court fees. This scenario has been experienced by myself and friends.
    Councils simply want to pass on as many people as they can to private landlord accommodation but do the Landlords no favours.
    I am in this business to make money from my properties, this is my pension. I do not ‘rip off’ tenants, but supply homes I would live in myself. I attend to all problems immediately and simply ask that the property is enjoyed and looked after and rent paid on time. This is the practise of all my Landlord friends. Frequently we are the ones’ripped off’. We have worked hard for our money and chosen to invest in property. We too, are angry at being labelled ‘Landlords from Hell’.
    The area our properties are in dictate the rate of rents we can ask for, so we do not overcharge. Tenants seem to think we make ‘loadsa’ money, but forget about the high cost of repairs and services and the VAT and income tax we pay, etc.
    The media only highlights the scandalous things they unearth because showing a programme about good Landlords/Tenants would not be newsworthy.
    I agree, start showing the other side of the coin and uncover the ‘dodgy’ tenants we are unlucky enough to come across. It is about time the public was alerted to the real life antics of Tenants who do not respect the Landlord or property but simply use them as ‘stepping stones’ in their lives.