Oldham Council proposes Selective Licensing scheme

Oldham Council proposes Selective Licensing scheme

Another local authority is proposing a consultation to find out if it needs to bring in a Selective Licensing scheme for private renting landlords.

If the plan is approved by Oldham Council’s cabinet the formal consultation would involve residents, private landlords, businesses and other stakeholders in 16 areas across the borough.

Selective Licensing schemes aim to improve the management of privately rented properties to ensure they have a positive impact on an area e.g. reducing anti-social behaviour.

However the majority of compliant landlords believe that mandatory licensing is the ultimate in “do as I say, not as I do” and that councils have no interest in really helping landlords, only interested in pretending that they are doing something about these tenants whilst still allowing them to move around within our communities unchallenged.

Councillor Dave Hibbert, cabinet member for environment and housing, said: “The vast majority of private landlords who rent out properties in these areas operate within the law and look after their tenants.

“If approved a formal consultation would allow us to see if all parties think a selective licensing scheme would be appropriate.

“We anticipate that a landlord’s participation in this scheme would be regarded as an indication that they are offering a good, quality service to their clients

“Any scheme would mean landlords and tenants have to act responsibly or face possible action from the council – stopping the mindless few who may be causing problems.”

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