Ofgem Price Caps – Do they help anyone?

Ofgem Price Caps – Do they help anyone?

As Ofgem’s price cap kicks in, landlords and tenants stuck on expensive tariffs should see cheaper prices, but regulative changes ensure that the savings on current tariffs remain significantly lethargic and puts more emphasis on shopping around in order to find the best deals.

The price cap that came into effect  on 1st Jan will bring minimal relief to most households, with the price capping measures offering better value on energy per unit, but will not limit their total bills overall, which brings mixed fortunes for those hoping to make substantial savings going into 2019. Furthermore, the price cap itself will be increased in April and again in October to reflect wholesale cost increases in supplying gas and electricity.

So where can the best savings be found? By constantly searching and switching to cheaper energy providers?

Here at Tenant Referencing UK, we have built a powerful network that includes our colleagues over at Homeshift. They scan the market to track the current rates available and help to pass these savings on to you when they happen. One supplier offering prices that go up as well as down.

YOU can use the link below or feel free to recommend this service to your tenants as a New Year Tip.

By using the form below you will receive an exclusive invite by email from the Tenant Referencing UK team to join their service. With an extremely simple set up you can finally have confidence that your provider will work with you to keep you on a great rate.




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