Now is the time to draw a line in the sand. . .

Now is the time to draw a line in the sand. . .

After a lengthy meeting between Paul Routledge and a local authority housing team yesterday, who wished to join Landlord Referencing, we have discovered that with the increasing success of Landlord Referencing; councils are now caught between a rock and a hard place.

This is because said councils have a duty to house people who have been made homeless, and even though their past behaviour has probably warranted their previous eviction, if it cannot be proven that the tenant made themselves intentionally homeless the councils duty still exists.

However councils are now stuck in a situation whereby more and more landlords are joining our system; so now when they give a tenant a list of available landlords in their area, they are finding that more of these landlords are now networking together and so their new concern is where will these tenants go?

Quite simply a council can recommend a homeless tenant between twenty & forty different local landlords (or local B&B’s) who they feel may take a tenant who has a problematic history.
However if 35 of those pro-actively network via Landlord Referencing Services; the chances of a troublesome tenant getting a property is becoming less and less.

We also have the support of Barnsley Residential Landlords Association, Cornwall Residential Landlords Association & The West Country Landlords Association.

So are UK councils going to continue to rehouse habitually troublesome tenants, as they have done for the past 10 years, without assisting the landlord or agent?
Or are they going to now tell them “Yes, we do have a duty to house you but the majority of our suggested landlords are Landlord Referencing Members; so your behaviour is likely to inhibit you getting a property“…?

We wholeheartedly believe that Landlord Referencing doesn’t just give council’s a great opportunity to meet their legislative obligations to house people but is also pro-actively educating these tenants that their continual bad behaviour, non-payment of rents & damaging of property will simply result in them not getting a property with any landlord referencing members.

Now is the time to “draw a line in the sand” and we urge all UK councils to consider joining our system.

At Landlord Referencing we believe that landlords, letting agents, councils, accreditations AND the government should be concentrating on the duty of care they have to the millions of existing good tenants right across the country who also want good neighbours, rather than rewarding the habitually bad tenants with homes that could be given to people and families who actually deserve these properties; which we all know are currently in very high demand.

Just as we saw in August of last year after the wave of rioting, looting and arson; the worst offenders who were found guilty of participating in these riots we’re legally evicted from council owned properties.

Eviction Proposals Sharpened Up After Riots

Ministers back councils over evicting rioters

First rioter given eviction notice

So, we would like to know what the difference is between the rioters of 2011 and the serial, professional bad tenants; who go from one property to another, intentionally & wilfully destroying the landlords property and/or without any intention of paying any rent?

Which inevitably leaves the landlord or letting agent in thousands of pounds worth of debt and more often than not it also affects the landlords relationship with their existing good tenants.

It would be a shame if the very same councils who didn’t want these rioters as tenants chose to think that it was fine by palming them onto us in the private rental sector.

United we stand, divided we fall.


  • Do you take local authority recommended tenants?

  • Do they support Landlord Referencing Services?

  • Are you continually taking another landlords bad tenant so that the council does not have a massive homeless problem in its area?

We firmly believe the line in the sand is to BEHAVE YOURSELF!
Simply; Step over that line and don’t get a home.

Agree with what we have to say?
Then join our pro-active community of landlords and agents ABSOLUTELY FREE here.



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Author: Media Team

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  1. The ultimate effectiveness is for LRS to find itself effectively redundant as they would have achieved 100% success.
    So every tenant and LL behaves themselves.
    Putting LRS out of business; some hope!!!!!?

  2. “Thank God they’ve gone” say the tenants next door..
    It’s not the first time I’ve heard this but I hope it to be the last.

  3. What you are doing here isn’t just about keeping bad tenants out, yes, that’s the short term goal. But the more and more people who sign up to this service will help change the attitude of these bad tenants, and that is the goal.
    The newcomers just about to step into the rental sector will be warned that if they don’t behave themselves the only properties available to them will be poorly kept with slumlords as owners.

    How great would it be to say in 5 years time, “we sent out £20,000 rent alerts this month rather than £200,000”

    It’ll never work to change the attitude of bad tenants if they’ve always got a council to fall back on, and an un-educated fool of a landlord.