Nottingham City proposes to dump yet another tax via licensing on good landlords and raise itself £16m

Nottingham City proposes to dump yet another tax via licensing on good landlords and raise itself £16m

Nottingham City Council has announced their desire to introduce citywide selective licensing across the 20 wards of Nottingham.

This will represent one of the largest schemes in the Country impacting at least 26,250 properties at £600.00 per property. The council will employ an additional 74 officers to handle on average 5,250 applications a year.

Under their HMO additional licensing scheme they struggle to issue licenses let alone inspect properties. At 1st October 2016, 2236 licence applications received, 1543 issued and just over 1000 inspected.

The main thrust of their argument is using selective licensing as a tool to deal with ASB, it would seem according to the council that Nottingham is a cesspit of crime and Anti-Social-Behaviour (ASB) particularly in its PRS. However despite a widespread additional licensing scheme being introduced in 2014, the city recorded 14,152 ASB complaints between 2008/12.(average 2830 per yr). Between 2013/15 the city recorded, 22,743 ASB (average 7581 per yr) complaints.

Although these complaints reflect all tenures citywide, complaints are on the rise across all tenures, it clearly demonstrates that licensing has not been an effective tool to address ASB.

Under Mandatory Licensing since 2007, 9% of licenses have been refused and revoked, under Additional 5% have been. Hardly demonstrates a picture of a PRS out of control.

The number of residential properties across Nottingham city in 2012 was 131,500, in 2015 135,599.

Read the full report (From page 25-Agenda Report Packs) by clicking here.

Following the recent selective licensing victory for the private rented sector, at the TR Group we are now hearing from landlords all around the country who want to fight against selective licensing being implemented in their area but don’t know where to start or how to get the ball rolling.

We’ve always said that anti social behaviour is not a landlord problem, and this is why we are now supporting a new landlord accreditation that have taken the pro-active approach of setting up a (free) online ASB reporting system for PRS tenants.

Find out all about this forward thinking group of landlords by clicking here now.

Got something to say? Please click here to get involved in the live discussion now!

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