Non-assured tenancy agreement – Is this eligible for RGI?

Non-assured tenancy agreement – Is this eligible for RGI?

Dear Samii

I am considering accepting a tenant but the appropriate tenancy for her is a non-assured tenancy agreement because 1) She is retaining another property she owns in London, and 2) I am a resident landlord in the property which shares the use of part of the building. Both make a non assured agreement appropriate according to the RLA. As such I do not need (but could choose) to protect the deposit.

She is currently going through tenant checks on her business and credit worthiness.

In these circumstances, and provided she obtains a score of 200+, would she be eligible for a RGI with you?

Samii says

DAS insurance underwriters do not accept non assured tenancy agreements within their policies. They must be under an assured shorthold, a short assured or an assured tenancy agreement to be eligible.

You mention you will share some of the property with the tenant, however for you to qualify for a non-assured tenancy agreement (where you are a resident landlord) you must not share living accommodation with the tenant. This means that you must not share toilet, bathroom, kitchen or a living room with them.

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