New property fraud hotline launched

New property fraud hotline launched

FRAUDConcerned that your property may be subject to a fraudulent sale or mortgage? Then worry no more, as the UK Land Registry have now launched a Property Fraud Helpline.

Specially trained staff are now available to speak to worried home owners and offer practical advice about what to do.

The telephone number is 0300 006 7030 and the line is now open from 8.30am to 5pm Monday to Friday.

The UK Land Registry warns that the properties most vulnerable to registration or mortgage fraud are usually empty, tenanted or mortgage-free.

Individuals at a higher risk of fraud include owners who do not live in the property because they live abroad, are buy-to-let landlords, are in long-term hospital or residential care, or where a relationship has broken down.

Examples of property fraud include situations where a buy-to-let landlord receives a call from a local estate agent saying that one of his rental properties seems to be being marketed for sale or where a relative learns the property has been ‘stolen’ by a fraudster impersonating the deceased proprietor.

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It can be used by relatives, neighbours or agents or the owner, a Land Registry spokesperson confirmed, but they will be asked for details of their relationship to the owner before a decision on action is taken.

An online reporting form is also available HERE (<<click) for customers who prefer to email or wish to contact the Land Registry outside business hours.

Please note that the line is not a substitute for reporting allegations of fraud to Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 (who will pass your report on to the police) or for taking independent legal advice.

Have you ever been subjected to property fraud? Please share your experiences with the LRS community!

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