The NEW LRS SYSTEM is now live, whereby you will be rewarded for uploading your tenants and supporting your community, as well as creating your own tenant filing system within your LRS profile – all for an activation cost of £10 which gives you two lifestyle references to set off with OR activate your account by buying a £7 Basic Equifax/LRS report or £12 Detailed Equifax/LRS report (with £3 worth of Lifestyle Credits FREE).

OR ACTIVATE YOUR ACCOUNT FOR FREE. (<<click here to find out how)

We have tried to make it as easy as possible for everyone, but if you would prefer you can give us a call (01934 645 237) or request a callback and we’ll help you through it step by step;

“My Credits”

To activate access to our exclusive Tenant Alert Directory and Letting Document Template Downloads you must make an activation payment via paypal.


These 10 activation credits will go towards your first two lifestyle references.

Credits are for the purpose of purchasing goods and services offered by LRS landlordreferencing llp and cannot be exchanged for cash at any time. Credits which have laid dormant for a period that may be deemed a reasonable assessment that the account  has been closed may be removed from an account at the discretion of LRS Data Control.


“Carry Out Reference”

A Lifestyle Reference (search the LRS database) will cost you 5 credits and with every upload you will gain 2 FREE credits.

The data that we require for a Lifestyle Reference is as follows:

  • First Name
  • Surname
  • Date of Birth
  • National Insurance Number.

You will now either receive a NO MATCH message or a MATCH message (on your screen). If you receive a POSITIVE MATCH this will contain the contact details of the tenants previous landlord or letting agent so that you can obtain a true and up-to-date reference on their previous rental payment history and behaviour.

“Add New Tenant”

Upload a new tenant here and for every upload you will receive 2 credits.

We urge members to resist from uploading fake tenants in order to obtain free credits – we continually cross reference our data with various credit referencing data providers. So if you are proven to have been uploading “fake tenants” LRS will immediately remove your membership from the system and you will be barred indefinitely. Furthermore, to supply  false information to our organisation is a criminal offence and is prosecutable by law, carrying a maximum sentence of seven years imprisonment.
Please have a read of our Conditions Of Use .


My tenants

Here you can view and edit a list of tenants that you have uploaded.

Members are able to edit their tenants status in the file if a tenant pays rent arrears or their status changes throughout and after a tenancy.

This also gives you the advantage of writing notes about your tenant at the time, and referencing to these notes at a later date if another landlord asks you for a reference.

If you have uploaded a lot of tenants and need to find a specific one, instead of scrolling though pages and pages, you can use the Search feature – found above your list of tenant uploads.

PLEASE NOTE : Existing members who wish to be credited for their previously uploaded tenants simply contact us @, request them and (As long as you have activate your account) we will add £2 (2 credits) onto your Lifestyle Referencing account for each previously uploaded tenant.

For instance : members that open their account with 10 credits at £10 and then upload 10 tenants will end up with 30 credits in their account, for £10; giving them 6 lifestyle references at £1.66(recurring) each. So the more tenants that you upload the less your Lifestyle Searches will cost and as you continue to upload your tenants your lifestyle referencing and whole system will become almost free.

In principle all members are using real time filing to upload and track their tenants performance for the period that they stay on a members file.

We believe that this is great value and we hope that it will encourage more members to upload their good and bad tenants; keeping us all safer and a win, win, for us all.

Due to the considerable problems we have encountered with Experian we have now ceased trading with them.

We are happy to announce that we have now partnered with Equifax – more information to follow.

Any other questions? Please post them below.

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