New housing minister announced

New housing minister announced

As part of Theresa May’s cabinet reshuffle we now have a new Minister for Housing; Gavin Barwell.

Replacing Brandon Lewis in the cabinet shakeup, the Croydon Central MP has joined the team at the Department for Communities and Local Government led by Sajid Javid.

Barwell tweeted:

“Looking forward to working with councils, housing associations, developers and investors to ensure we build the homes people need and deserve.

“And to working with the Mayor of London to ensure the continued success of our wonderful diverse capital – and that all Londoners share in it.”

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One of the biggest problems we have as landlords is that when these new people arrive in our areas we will not be able to check them out properly because they will have limited credit ratings, etc. The usual searches will be almost useless as most will not have had much credit anyway, so the only way is to take their last landlord reference – that is, if they provide you with it.

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