Network Referencing highly important as renters set to dominate next generation

Network Referencing highly important as renters set to dominate next generation

New research suggests that the UK is set to become more like Europe in terms of renting a home and that half of the UK’s population will be renting within a generation.

Research from lender Halifax shows that one in five of 23 to 27 year olds across the country have no desire to own a home, as fewer people are prepared to make the financial sacrifices needed to become a home owner ; on a par with Europe.

Their research also shows that:

  • 86% of potential home owners refuse to sacrifice the quality of accommodation they currently live in to reduce the amount of rent they pay in order to save for a deposit.
  • Fewer people now agree that renting means they cannot fully settle in an area, at 53% in 2014 compared with 58% in 2013.
  • Fewer people now agree that they can’t make a property feel like their home, at 54% in 2014 compared with 58% in 2013.
  • The proportion of people who don’t want to raise children in a rented property has reduced by 10%.
  • The proportion of people worried about renting having a negative impact on their retirement has decreased by 10%.
  • 49% of people that don’t want to own their own home have grown up in rented accommodation.
  • 36% of those that do not wish to own think that the nation should lose its obsession with home-ownership, which would make people happier as a result.

With Britain set to turn into a nation of renters this truly means that Tenant Referencing by all landlords and letting agents is unavoidable.

And that of course is why is the only way to keep landlords, letting agents and good tenants safe; now and in the future.

“Networking together is knowledge and the key to success in any industry is knowledge itself.”


With LRS’ unique “free” tenant referencing service there is just no excuse for the previously reported 25% of landlords not carrying out Tenant Referencing or safeguarding their tenants deposits in a deposit scheme.

Therefore we urge you to share this page with someone who is unaware of our services, to further strengthen the network as well as strengthen the rest of the private rented sector.

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